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Uma desordem americana

Uma desordem americana Joyce e Marshall s o casados e t m dois filhos No dia de Setembro de Joyce pensa que o marido est no seu escrit rio nas Torres G meas quando elas caem por sua vez ele acha que a mulher est

Joyce e Marshall s o casados e t m dois filhos No dia 11 de Setembro de 2001, Joyce pensa que o marido est no seu escrit rio, nas Torres G meas, quando elas caem por sua vez, ele acha que a mulher est a bordo do voo 93 que se despenhou na Pensilv nia Cada um fica euf rico ante a perspectiva da morte do outro Ambos v o sofrer uma grande desilus o quando se encontram fJoyce e Marshall s o casados e t m dois filhos No dia 11 de Setembro de 2001, Joyce pensa que o marido est no seu escrit rio, nas Torres G meas, quando elas caem por sua vez, ele acha que a mulher est a bordo do voo 93 que se despenhou na Pensilv nia Cada um fica euf rico ante a perspectiva da morte do outro Ambos v o sofrer uma grande desilus o quando se encontram frente a frente no apartamento que s o obrigados a partilhar enquanto o processo de div rcio decorre Pior, a perspectiva de uma solu o r pida para a separa o complica se devido ao clima de medo que se apodera dos americanos Entre amea as de ataques biol gicos, bombistas suicidas e guerras no M dio Oriente, Nova Iorque uma cidade em estado de choque, onde, por sua vez, Joyce e Marshall travam uma batalha dom stica repleta do mesmo sentimento de perda e devasta o.

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  1. Ken Kalfus says:
    He was born in the Bronx, NY and grew up in Plainview, Long Island.Kalfus started college at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, but dropped out after the first year He attended various other universities including the New School for Social Research in Manhattan and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland Kalfus started writing at an early age.

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  1. MJ Nicholls says:
    Marriages will always fail unless one sex agrees to be slightly less dominant Otherwise Where did you leave the car keys ON THE TABLE WHERE THEY ALWAYS ARE Where did I put my hat IT S ON THE HAT HOOK WHERE IT USUALLY IS What should I wear tonight DON T BE STUPID JUST WEAR BLACK TROUSERS AND DON T PUT ON THAT CARTOON TIE YOU RE NOT A CLOWN Do I have time for a quick pee NO WE HAVE TO GO NOW, YOU SAID YOU D BE READY AT FIVE EXACTLY I forgot to pick up the potatoes OH THAT S GREAT NOW WE CAN T MAKE [...]

  2. Kinga says:
    Sometimes you think This will be a good book , and you get quite excited And then you read it, and it turns out it is not a good book after all And such is life Disorder Peculiar to the Country has all the ingredients 9 11, New York setting and a couple going through a bitter divorce Somehow, however, these ingredients don t seem to blend at all It seems like Kalfus has thrown all the popular subjects at the time 9 11 World Trade Center, anthrax, Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden here and there witho [...]

  3. Rand says:
    Moments of absolute hilarity interspersed with the horrific are the hallmark of this tidy little novel which explores a divorcing couple s first year post 9 11.Yes, it could have been a wee bit better Kalfus could have extended his narrative frame up to the present in which he was writing He could have explored instead of barely suggesting the levels of intrigue underlying the hijacking of the planes, the general stupidity of making Saddam a scapegoat and the US s complicated history with Bin La [...]

  4. Mary Wagner says:
    This book was supposedly a black comedy, and I must admit that I did not find it to be amusing at all I also don t feel why anyone would have found it amusing The book begins with a divorcing couple on September 11th One works in the trade center, and one is supposed to be on the plane that crashes in PA I guess the humor starts that both the man and the woman hoped that the other had perished I m not sure I see why anyone would find that humorous The book continues to present two extremely pett [...]

  5. Alan says:
    I alternately loved this book and was slightly bored by it Strange combination It is stuffed with fantastic scenes, brilliantly executed, starting with 9 11, the protagonist being caught up in it in the WTC, his wife secretly pleased he might be dead There is great satire too about the state of marriage and the state of the country the pettiness of divorce the coffe maker , these people are ruled by lawyers about what they can and cannot say, having to stay together but ignoring each other, the [...]

  6. Sg says:
    A good read, about a divorcing couple in New York during the aftermath of 9 11 A touch of black comedy at times, and felt a little like Bonfire of the Vanities.

  7. Alex says:
    This is the first book I ve read that s set against the backdrop of 9 11 The analogies to a failed marriage and an ugly divorce the twin towers falling, the war on terror are a little trite and seem insignificant, but it s okay, because they re not the focus of the book The real focus is the sadly honest portrayal of a former happy couple with ordinary, selfish desires, which mostly involve screwing each other over It s a great depiction of self absorption and the frustration of being so consume [...]

  8. Bonnie McEwan says:
    This book was supposed to be a dark comedy, but mostly it was depressing I guess I am not ready for dark humor about 9 11, vicious divorces, or children in sexual situations There was one funny moment that I can recall The husband in the middle of a divorce walked in on his soon to be ex wife with a bomb strapped to his chest, yelled out, God is Great , and pulled a string When nothing happened, the wife tried to help him with it, criticizing his bomb making skills all the while The conversation [...]

  9. Mala says:
    This book sounded really promising from the back cover A divorcing couple stuck together in a tiny apartment who both think the other has died in the World Trade Tower collapse and are disappointed when this isn t the case The characters were very hollow and I couldn t get a sense of why they hated each other so much If the author had been able to create believable characters this would have been a decent book.

  10. Beatriz says:
    I wasn t going to review this book, but after reading some of these I think I might have had a very alternate impression of it As soon as I started reading it, I interpreted this book as an allegory as if the war between Joyce and Marshall was a metaphore for that specific historical moment, as opposed to having 9 11 as a background for their story The fact that Joyce so readily identifies with Afghan culture and considers going to an anti war demonstration, the fact that the Harrimans both thin [...]

  11. Zuzana Schedová says:
    Odeonky jsou pro m v dycky z rukou zaj mav ho ten a nebylo tomu jinak ani u Americk ho probl mu Kena Kalfuse Kn ka, kterou jsem za p r korun koupila v m m obl ben m antikvari tu na N rodn v pln n dhern m stavu, pojedn v o rozpadu man elstv v obdob nejv t ho teroristick ho toku na dvoj ata v New Yorku Ud lost, kter nav dy zm nila tv Ameriky jako takov , ale nen pln hlavn m d jov m prvkem tohoto rom nu, sp kulisou A to mi p i lo na t to kn ce zaj mav Tady lo hlavn o rozpad man elstv a vytvo en obr [...]

  12. Graceann says:
    This is such an interesting premise for a novel, and something that I admit I wondered to myself What about the people who, on 9 11, were disappointed that their spouses survived the attacks or missed their flight As ugly a thought as it is, there must have been people here and there who were stuck in miserable relationships, or in the midst of ugly divorces, who would have viewed this monstrous day as a stroke of good luck.That s not a pretty concept, but given the sheer scope of the calamity, [...]

  13. Dean says:
    I m mixed about this book, I liked the very dark humor that sometimes pops up in the narrative, and I liked some of the topics that the author explored, like cultural and religious differences, the horror of war, how war plays out on TV in our modern society, our brain dead capacity to watch TV 24 hours a day and an exploitive drug and sex party However, I didn t fully connect fully with Joyce and Marshall I don t know if it s because I have never been through a divorce, either parent or myself, [...]

  14. Meghan Davison says:
    The only other fiction about 9 11 that I ve read is Jonathan Safran Foer s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which is heartbreaking And yet it is somehow easier to read than Kalfus sardonic look at 9 11 It is uncomfortable reading an account of 9 11 that isn t meant to make us sad It is uncomfortable reading about characters who grieve not for what they lost but for what they wish was lost It is uncomfortable reading about unsympathetic characters when we want to read about heroes But if you [...]

  15. Davis says:
    This book was so close to 5 stars very, very close It was so good, for around 170 pages Then it just got far to depressing for 5 stars It may be sadistic of me, but I loved both of these neurotic depressed main characters I was rooting for Joyce and Marshall I wanted them and their kids to be happpy that isn t an emotion I normally feel towards fictional characters In fact, I don t even really like happy endings But the depression exhibited by these two is just so great, I felt almost callous no [...]

  16. Lee says:
    Such a gripping opening and natural symbolic parallel between the fall of the Twin Towers and the not so amiable end of a hyperfunctional dysfunctional couple in their mid thirties Flowing and very readable language that sometimes reminded me of TC Boyle both also use recent history to inform the action and vice versa Lots of great little descriptions, like the oily, gamey taste of a NYC hot dog that s been soaking all day in near boiling water Not the most likeable characters but sadly represen [...]

  17. Valerie says:
    I had written a review of this book and then accidentally closed the tab The first few chapters of this book showed great promise I was overjoyed to have found another example of somewhat inappropriately themed black humor writing But where something like Hope A Tragedy occasionally pushed the premise and individual jokes too far usually with what I imagine was the intended effect If I could stop laughing for just one second, I would ponder and be horrified by the terrible things it says about m [...]

  18. Noah says:
    This book is trying to be darkly funny throughout and almost never succeeds More importantly, way too much of the book takes place in the heads of its two main characters rather than in dialogue or in them living life I m sure that was sort of the point, and the one positive of this book is how well Kalfus paints a portrait of modern self obsession, but he does it at the expense of everything else There s a real lack of story The reviews of this book are all glowing, though, so maybe fiction tru [...]

  19. Caroline says:
    9 11 and the Iraq war serve as the setting for a black comedy about a divorce 2 solipsistic New Yorkers are calling it quits, and parallels are drawn with the state of the country Initially, this works very well, but No spoilers it ends with a bizarre scene that cheapens the whole While there were very funny moments overall, it was a whimper I don t need to find characters sympathetic, but it is hard to stay engaged when they are so very pathetic 33 52 2009

  20. Mariah says:
    It s hard for me to give this book only three stars because I would have given the first half five Somewhere in the middle I lost interest and by the end I was discouraged It s about the best three star book you ll ever read and I would recommend it to most people, but not if you want something full of hope and cheer Dark, dark and funny Very funny Until it isn t funny.

  21. Kent Winward says:
    Just for the pure sacrilege of having two characters that are upset that the other wasn t killed on 9 11, the book got four stars from me The disappointment comes from the fantastic premise, that never quite seems to realize its potential Maybe after the Trump election, satire is just so much difficult to digest, another reason I didn t go with 3 stars.The tone of the book felt uneven The scene with the entire family trying to fix the suicide bomb just felt out of place The rest of the satire w [...]

  22. Joke says:
    Ik had weinig verwachtingen van dit boek, maar de cover sprak me aan, en boeken uitgegeven door Meulenhoff vind ik meestal wel voltreffers, dus ging ik er voor En ja, het is een boek dat boeit In het New York tussen 11 september en de dood van Bin Laden, volg je het koppel Marshall en Joyce in de weg naar hun scheiding Rooskleurig is het verhaal niet De politiek economische context is uiteraard niet positief, maar het boek toont ook de grauwe realiteit van een vecht scheiding, waarbij je je meer [...]

  23. Mikee says:
    This is a very strange book You almost have to be insane to write a book like this It s not quite a comedy I don t think , though it is very very dark A not quite comedy about the World Trade Center and the painful and petty dissolution of a marriage It s beautifully written The ending swoops rapidly in from left field Wonderful.

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  25. Calli Fugate says:
    The most powerful part of the book was the fear you could sense between the spouses, how at any moment they expected the other to rip the rug out from under them It detailed the gaining paranoia well It did that situation much justice than it did the 9 11 attacks honestly could have been set in just about any situation and the characters would still be able to hate each other enough for the story to work Seemed like the author threw in a few too many random pop culture references which made it [...]

  26. Stephen Snowder says:
    MEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Started off funny, had tremendous potential, and then just sort of petered off into nothing A couple of humorous moments are scattered throughout the book, and it s not a long read so getting through it is no great chore, but ultimately it has nothing to say about people, about relationships, or about America Also, it is one of those books where kids are way too smart I want to start a fund to educate literary authors o [...]

  27. Rachel says:
    Some books start out with such promise, then fizzle away into strange drivel until their awkwardly forgettable endings A Disorder Peculiar to the Country is, I regret, one of those books.Before I go into where it went wrong, let me show you how great this book could have been Marshall and Joyce Harriman are NYC professionals stuck in the nasty dull middle of their divorce when 9 11 happens Both have reason to believe the other dies in the attacks, and experience glimmers of excitement in the mid [...]

  28. Judie says:
    This novel started out full of promise until it fizzled out halfway and became too forced until the very end.This is a story of Marshall and Joyce Harriman, two people on the brink of a nasty divorce Each of them thought the other was killed in the 9 11 attacks and both were gravely disappointed when it turned out they re both alive.The 9 11 tragedy and its immediate aftermath became the backdrop of this tale about a marriage that started crumbling down years before there s so much hate that had [...]

  29. Mirkat says:
    I could have sworn I already wrote a review of this I can t even recall when I listened to it, but I actually listened to it twice, having forgotten when I downloaded the audiobook the second time, that I had Then it started to come back to me bit by bit, and I found myself thinking, Oh, is this the one where the female protagonist reads Newsweek to shop for an opinion Answer Yes But this comes way late in the narrative And I m not even sure why I listened all the way through a second time, exce [...]

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