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Meridiano de Sangue ou O Crepúsculo Vermelho no Oeste

Meridiano de Sangue ou O Crep sculo Vermelho no Oeste Meridiano de Sangue baseia se em acontecimentos hist ricos ocorridos na fronteira entre os EUA e o M xico em meados do s c XIX O autor subverte as conven es do romance e a mitologia do Oeste Selvagem

Meridiano de Sangue baseia se em acontecimentos hist ricos ocorridos na fronteira entre os EUA e o M xico em meados do s c XIX O autor subverte as conven es do romance e a mitologia do Oeste Selvagem para narrar a viol ncia da expans o americana, atrav s da personagem do juiz Holden, que nunca dorme, gosta de dan ar, viola crian as dos dois sexos e afirma que n o h dMeridiano de Sangue baseia se em acontecimentos hist ricos ocorridos na fronteira entre os EUA e o M xico em meados do s c XIX O autor subverte as conven es do romance e a mitologia do Oeste Selvagem para narrar a viol ncia da expans o americana, atrav s da personagem do juiz Holden, que nunca dorme, gosta de dan ar, viola crian as dos dois sexos e afirma que n o h de morrer.

  • Unlimited Meridiano de Sangue ou O Crepúsculo Vermelho no Oeste - by Cormac McCarthy Paulo Faria
    152 Cormac McCarthy Paulo Faria

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  1. Cormac McCarthy Paulo Faria says:
    Cormac McCarthy is an American novelist and playwright He has written ten novels in the Southern Gothic, western, and post apocalyptic genres and has also written plays and screenplays He received the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for The Road, and his 2005 novel No Country for Old Men was adapted as a 2007 film of the same name, which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.His earlier Blood Meridian 1985 was among Time Magazine s poll of 100 best English language books published between 1925 and 2005 and he placed joint runner up for a similar title in a poll taken in 2006 by The New York Times of the best American fiction published in the last 25 years Literary critic Harold Bloom named him as one of the four major American novelists of his time, along with Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, and Philip Roth He is frequently compared by modern reviewers to William Faulkner.In 2009, Cormac McCarthy won the PEN Saul Bellow Award, a lifetime achievement award given by the PEN American Center.

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  1. Hamish says:
    The man finished the book He closed the pages tightly together then put one foot on the floor then the other then used his hands to push himself up out of the chair and then put one foot in front of the other until he had walked all the way to the book shelf and then put the book on the book shelf The deer walked in The man whirled around and fired once with his pistol and the brains of the deer went flying out the back of its head and painted the wall a color dark red like blood The man sat dow [...]

  2. Josh says:
    Cormac McCarthy s Blood Meridian is unquestionably the most violent novel I ve ever read It s also one of the best.For those who would consider that a turn off, I offer this caveat For the overwhelming majority of fiction that involves a lot of violence, the violence itself is an act of masturbation representing either the author s dark impulse or, perhaps worse, pandering to the reader s similar revenge fantasies this might explain why the majority of Blood Meridian fans I know personally are m [...]

  3. Stephen says:
    Spilledemptiedwrung out soul rippedat pretty accurately sums up my emotional composition after finishing this singular work of art Ironically, I m sure I only absorbed about 10% of the message McCarthy was conveying in this epic exposition on war, violence and man s affinity for both Still, even with my imperfect comprehension, I was shaken enough by the experience that, though I finished the book days ago, I m just now at the point where I can revisit the jumble in my head enough to sort throug [...]

  4. Michael Finocchiaro says:
    Breathless Unique Brutal There are many words that could be used to describe Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy For me, this was my second time through and I liked it far better than my first reading Judge Holden, John Job Glanton, Toadvine, and the kid are all fantastic characters I shudder to think that the horrors visited upon the Indians and Mexicans and homesteaders were all based on fact The apocalypse described in The Road is not too far a cry from the hellish country on the US Mexico bord [...]

  5. ·Karen· says:
    This is Jane Austen antimatter Trying to convey how this was so different to anything I ve ever read, it occurred to me that it was like a huge black vortex that would suck early nineteenth century marriage plot novels into the void It s the complete obverse of sweet girlie stuff no lurve, no irony I wonder if Cormac McCarthy has a humour mode If he does, he certainly wasn t in it writing this , no insightful self discovery or examination of the human heart No, this is bleak and bloody, gory and [...]

  6. Lyn says:
    After reading Blood Meridian, I may never view a western film the same way again To be certain, it is a masterpiece, a rare and unique work of literature that rises above classification and genre And to be certain, McCarthy must be viewed as a great American writer, one of the greatest in our time That having been said, this book is not for everyone it is painfully brutal, violent at it s heart McCarthy s primitive writing style emphasizes this primal, bloody landscape like a Jonathon Edwards se [...]

  7. Eric says:
    There are two ways to evaluate a book, as far as my unlearned mind can concoct at the moment Stylish literary flourishes sometimes cloud our judgment when it comes to evaluating the plot itself, which is, after all, the reason why the book exists.This book is well written If I m a 11th grader, and I need to do a book report, I m drooling over the blatant symbolism dripping from each page The scene is set admirably, though the repetitive nature of our brave hero s wanderings at least it s with sy [...]

  8. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:
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  9. Fabian says:
    Cormac McCarthy s west of absolutes is a wonder to behold Villainous attacks on people devoid a home, desecration of the west land, listings of all things in the majestic, transitory landscape like observations by Darwin at the Galapagos in lush sometimes horrific detail, murky human psyches, no dialogue, and especially that campfire philosophy by which anyone can find some sort of meaning in their modern lives especially if you re fortunate enough to inhabit the places which Mr McCarthy describ [...]

  10. Samadrita says:
    The wiki page for manifest destiny has a picture of a painting by John Gast depicting an angelic figure personification of America purposefully drifting towards the west, her pristine white robes and blonde curls billowing in the breeze, a book nestled in the crook of her arm Airborne, she awakens stretches of barren, craggy terrain to the magical touch of modernization The landscapes she leaves behind are dotted by shipyards and railways and telegraph wires strung on poles but to her left the c [...]

  11. J. Kent Messum says:
    Quite possibly the most chilling and horrifying book ever written, Blood Meridian is a unnerving glimpse of humanity at its worst during one of the most savage periods in American history McCarthy pulls back the curtain to reveal the unforgivable evils and trespasses our species made all too often and all too easily in a new world, a novel that shows us the true price we paid in bodies and blood for the expansion of the Wild West Unlike some of Cormac s other work, Blood Meridian is not a partic [...]

  12. Dan Schwent says:
    In the old west, a young man falls in with a bad crowd, scalphunters, and the worst of them all, the judge.It s not often when I can t figure out how to summarize a book Not only does Blood Meridian fall into this category, I m also struggling with trying to formulate my thoughts about it I m sure it s one of those big important books that has themes and things of that nature It seems apocalyptic at times, with the judge showing the kid the horrors of the world, kind of like the devil and Jesus [...]

  13. Annet says:
    Brutal and Poetic at the same timeJust changed it to a five star, what the h This book is monumental Seems like a contradiction, brutal and poetic, but somehow it works The story is bleak, dark, bloody but also filled with beautiful descriptions of the countryside, the desert, the people in the book The colorful Judge is some character Tough book, not sure I took it all in and had to take some breaks during the read but hey, it s Cormac McCarthya grand writer he is It was evening of the followin [...]

  14. Michael says:
    Updated, now with an additional McCarthyized section of the Bible, moved up from the comment section Here s what I m thinkinE CORMAC MCCARTHY PROJECTEver since reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I ve been considering the possibilities of revisiting the classics and, um, reinterpreting them Butchering Yes, you re probably right Butchering them That s the right word Anyway, since Cormac McCarthy has the most distinctive and powerful voice of any modern writer that I ve read recently in my op [...]

  15. Eric says:
    Fuck yeah This is great I felt fully absorbed and enclosed in the nightmare I was scared McCarthy at his very best commands some black and frightful reserves To chose from so many scenes Judge Holden under a ribcage parasol holding the halfwit by a leash, the two shuffling though the sun bleached desert Golgotha bellowing threats and promises to Kid and Expriest who are hidden, cowering, prone in the lees of those sour bones like sated scavengers awaiting the arrival of the judge and the passing [...]

  16. Aubrey says:
    That s so, said the judge They do not have to have a reason But order is not set aside because of their indifference.Rugged individualism.There s a whole unholy host of words one could use in reckoning with this, some explicated than others Penchants for ideological idiosyncrasies and survival have shaped mine yours are your own May the last speaker standing still breath.Ye carry war of a madman s making onto a foreign land Ye ll wake than the dogs.History, human, homicide We have a tendency t [...]

  17. Jessaka says:
    Maybe the power of some books is just how horrible they make you feel.McCarty s most beautiful and darkest prose occurs in this book It is a book that I have had a hard time reading, one that upset me because of its brutality, its sadistic characters, and because of its graphic killings I would pick it up and put it back down I just could not make friends with it But then I would come upon some of the most haunting prose, and I would think, like others have, I want to read it again and again Som [...]

  18. Bart says:
    In Cormac McCarthy s novel The Crossing, McCarthy proves he can write about about the travels of a wolf in a poetic and engaging way In Blood Meridian McCarthy writes about three or four wolves, calls them humans those characters he bothers to name at all and shows that with enough talent and powerful prose, a writer and his work can be called great without having to develop a single character in 330 pages.Among those who would be unsatisfied with the mere word great and have to go further in de [...]

  19. Frank Maccormack says:
    This book has moments of fleeting brilliance, and the last 50 pages of the book are almost flawless However, there are 280 pages before that you have to read, which consist of, in my opinion, nothing than barren landscapes, borderline shock value accounts of depravity, and self indulgent simile It s a never ending journey on the shoulders of quite possibly the most unlikable group of characters I ve ever read, which in the hands of a particular writer, may workMcCarthy does NOT pull it off When [...]

  20. Alex says:
    In David Foster Wallace s posthumous essay collection Both Flesh and Not there s a little piece called Five Direly Underappreciated US Novels 1960, and Wallace goes off on paragraph long defenses of some books he likes Bleak but gorgeous, he says of Omensetter s Luck, like light through ice But when he gets to Blood Meridian there s just this one line under it Dont even ask Unfortunately everyone did anyway and this book, where you can identify the good guys as the ones who haven t actively kill [...]

  21. Tara says:
    Seductively dark, desolate, and violent, Blood Meridian speaks to you on a very primal level On reading this a second time, I can definitely say that it s one of my all time favorites a stark, bleak, brutal country I ll be drawn to again and again.

  22. Edward Lorn says:
    This book has no quotation marks or serial commas If the above sentence made you clutch your breast and squeal in unabashed terror, you re gonna want to skip everything Cormac McCarthy writes No use in aggravating yourself McCarthy is an author s author While people who do not write could likely marvel at what he manages in this novel, I think those who love and study the craft of writing will receive the most bang for their buck while reading this For fuck s sake, guys, they teach this book at [...]

  23. Paquita Maria Sanchez says:
    What a show off I swear, if you were to hand this book to an aspiring artist experiencing a depression inducing creative block, you may just find yourself with a d.b on your hands thanks to thoughts like So wait, this was written by a human being and not an alien and Fuck me and Oh fuck it, I give up While you ll hear no argument from me that The Road isn t a masterpiece, it is my firm conviction that this n is even masterpiece ier, though far, far darker than The Road is even with all those in [...]

  24. Zoeytron says:
    Cormac McCarthy is on good speaking terms with the dark Written 30 years ago, Blood Meridian is filled with gorgeous prose, a vicious snarl of flies , a vomit of gore , profound and absolute darkness You can see it, almost smell it as you are reading It is also full and to bursting with indiscriminate killing, butchery, and base cruelty Know what you are getting into before cracking this one open.It is the mid 1850 s, and the Glanton Gang is riding roughshod over the countryside, giving no quart [...]

  25. Szplug says:
    It seems that almost everybody raves about Blood Meridian and rates it the best novel written by Cormac McCarthy I had already read three of his books prior to taking on Meridian I was a fan, and regarded the book with a mixture of excitement and trepidation excitement, because I had heard so many superlatives about it from other reviews trepidation, for the exact same reason It was with such conflicting expectations that I began from word one the prose wasn t holding me for some reason, and I f [...]

  26. Agnieszka says:
    Those who travel desert places do indeed meet with creatures surpassing all description.They re riding through the mountains, deserts, muddy and dusty pueblos, leaving behind them piles of mutilated and scalped bodies, massacred people and animals as well They re killing all who they encounter on their road, no matter, Indians, soldiers, villagers which they were to defend They leave no witness of their crime and iniquity Only blood and death behind them, and blood They ride like Bible Apocalyp [...]

  27. Steve says:
    Reasons to read Blood Meridian Friends have told me I should friends, no less And these are people I like people who have my back bibliophilisticly speaking The prose is like nothing I ve read before It s elaborate, but not fussy No flourish need apply And I swear he just makes words up if the standard ones in English seem too refined The effect is just right for a seared earth adventure It grew on me See if you can tell from the pattern of my recent reads what I was due for next Pride and Preju [...]

  28. Michael says:
    I love McCarthy s early work It s much denser, grimmer, and richer than All the Pretty Horses and what follows.

  29. Natalie says:
    I ll be frank right up front I loved this book It s a poetic, metaphor and symbolism rich wonder of a novel, and every bit as violent as its reputation states McCarthy has such a seemingly effortless ability to render forth horrific and beautiful descriptions of everything from sunrises to Indian attacks that it s enough to make one weep with envy McCarthy certainly gives the lie to the nostalgic romanticizing of the Old West enshrined in American culture these cowboys n Indians aren t film stoc [...]

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