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The Church Of Dead Girls

The Church Of Dead Girls A literary chameleon Stephen Dobyns is as well known for his poetry as he his for his taut and chilling mysteries The two disciplines collide in The Church of Dead Girls a lyrical novel that inspire

A literary chameleon, Stephen Dobyns is as well known for his poetry as he his for his taut and chilling mysteries The two disciplines collide in The Church of Dead Girls, a lyrical novel that inspired Stephen King to comment, If ever there was a tale for a moonless night, a high wind and a creaking floor, this is it I don t expect to read a frightening novel thA literary chameleon, Stephen Dobyns is as well known for his poetry as he his for his taut and chilling mysteries The two disciplines collide in The Church of Dead Girls, a lyrical novel that inspired Stephen King to comment, If ever there was a tale for a moonless night, a high wind and a creaking floor, this is it I don t expect to read a frightening novel this year Aurelius is a drowsy bedroom community in upstate New York that is rocked by a vicious, seemingly random killing A woman is found murdered in her bed, her left hand missing Just when the grisly details begin to fade, a young girl vanishes The only clue a bag with the girl s washed and folded clothes and a mannequin s left hand Soon two girls disappear, and when clues remain elusive, conjecture and rumour take over The town awakens to a nightmare of suspicion and vigilantism As the killer spirals in to kill again, the town spins out of control, and The Church of Dead Girls heads to a jolting conclusion It ll give you goosebumps even if you read it at the beach.

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  1. Stephen Dobyns says:
    Dobyns was raised in New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia, and Pennsylvania He was educated at Shimer College, graduated from Wayne State University, and received an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa in 1967 He has worked as a reporter for the Detroit News.He has taught at various academic institutions, including Sarah Lawrence College, the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers, the University of Iowa, Syracuse University, and Boston University.In much of his poetry and some works of non genre fiction, Dobyns employs extended tropes, using the ridiculous and the absurd as vehicles to introduce profound meditations on life, love, and art He shies neither from the low nor from the sublime, and all in a straightforward narrative voice of reason His journalistic training has strongly informed this voice.

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  1. Trudi says:
    This is how they looked three dead girls propped up in three straight chairs.The suspicion didn t just go away It just slipped back to wherever it hid Wow What a meaty and cerebral read textured, layered, nuanced It is a quiet novel that takes its time to carefully contemplate on its subject And what is its subject Despite the title, not the disappearance and death of three young girls, not really Solving the crime, locating the victims, is secondary to the examination of a small town under sieg [...]

  2. Gary says:
    This book started out building slowly after an end scene intro of the victims It is basically a psychological thriller with a touch of horror It was a good read that tugged me along The author has a good understanding of small town life and mixes humor into the prose surreptitiously It has a dark, ironic tinge to it that anyone that has spent any time in a rural town will recognize as truth in a tongue and cheek manner This strength is at times a weakness as his character development tends to go [...]

  3. Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books) says:
    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.The best part of this book was finishing it Seriously, I was absolutely thrilled to finally be done with this one so that I could move on to something else I actually almost stopped listening pretty early on in the book because it just wasn t working for me but I made myself continue because I didn t feel like I had given it a chance The last part of the book was a bit better for me but only a bit I was ready for an exciting mystery and hoped [...]

  4. Maciek says:
    This is an underrated gem of a novel by a little known author.The classic theme of a murder in a small, quiet town has been done in decades by authors of many mysteries and thrillers Those who approach The Church of Dead Girls with hope of discovering a fast paced, nailbiting murder mystery will be most likely disappointed, because it s anything but For all the better.The victims, three dead girls are discovered in the first chapter the book opens with the conclusion, though the who murdered the [...]

  5. J.K. Grice says:
    I dare you to find a better thriller in the past 20 years Dobyn s creates a frightening masterpiece that is among the best I ve ever read I highly recommend THE CHURCH OF DEAD GIRLS.

  6. David H. says:
    In the past, I would find an author that I liked and then read nothing but their works until I was saturated These days, I have decided to read as many different authors as possible I found this paperback in one of my father s bookshelves I had never heard of Stephen Dobyns, but I am hardly any kind of expert on literature The Title, The Church Of Dead Girls seemed dark and preverse to me which is my favorite genre The novel even had an endorsement from Stephen King Very Rich, Very Scary, Very S [...]

  7. Jim Thomsen says:
    The Church Of Dead Girls is as perfect as it is unusual Half cerebral literary fiction and half mystery thriller, this book tells the story of a serial killer targeting preteen girls through the eyes of a nameless narrator who serves as the lens and the conscience of a small town community in upstate New York Dobyns, who developed his ability to create a community with a cast of intriguing dozens in his Saratoga mystery series, broadens his palette even as he narrows its focus Aurelis, N.Y is mu [...]

  8. Rachel says:
    A dreadful and startingly realistic portrait of how a small town deals with the disappearance of three young girls It explores hysteria, scapegoating, and how all of us have secrets The prologue and the ending were bone chilling and everything in between was written so well I felt like I was there This was a great horrific mystery that totally crawled under my skin and gave me pause so good

  9. Lobstergirl says:
    If you can semi ignore the 180 minor characters and just concentrate on the 60 major ones, you ll have a much easier time reading this intelligent horror novel Also, accept the fact that the novel will unfold very slowly.In a small town in upstate New York, a middle aged woman who happens to be the town slut is murdered and her left hand cut off Over the following months, three young girls, ages 14 and 13, are abducted We find out in the novel s opening flash forward scene that they have been ki [...]

  10. Matthew Iden says:
    This review of The Church of Dead Girls is a moderately long analysis I did on the book in an attempt to get at why I liked it so much as a reader and how I could emulate the parts that worked as a writer As a result, what follows might be a little dry for some readers, since I m reviewing from an author s perspective And it s chock full of spoilers But that shouldn t keep you from running out and grabbing a copy of this imminently creepy, thoughtful, and suspenseful tour de force If you do, com [...]

  11. Karyl says:
    After three girls go missing from a small upstate New York town, the town is ripped apart from the effects of suspicion Where are the girls Who has abducted them Are they still alive Who should be suspected and why It s been said that this book is about the effects of these horrible events on the small town, and less about the murders of the girls I have to agree with that assessment, but I don t think it was the best choice on the part of the author I didn t find this book particularly creepy [...]

  12. Lou says:
    This novel is ok but i anticipated from reading King s comments its a slow moving story a cerebal mystery One by one, three teenage girls are abducted from a small American town The only trace of them is their clothes returned, washed, ironed and neatly folded With each disappearance suspicion spreads among the townsfolk,initially falling on anyone different the college Marxist group, the gay community but soon extending to friends and neighbours, even the narrator himself As panic grips the t [...]

  13. Erika says:
    If you don t mind sorting through a million different characters, this is a gem of a read This is the beginning This is how they looked three dead girls propped up in three straight chairs The pacing is slow, and it kind of builds and builds until the discovery maybe isn t quite as important as discovering how small town mentality bent on justice is just as deadly anywhere.

  14. Asghar Abbas says:
    A truly chilling and hypnotic book A literary thriller that deals with aftershocks of horrific events in a small town, very Stephen Kingy that way An unique prose and a nameless narrator made it an interesting read.

  15. Michele says:
    Not so much a genre mystery as an exploration of the damage that suspicion and fear can wreak on a community, in the manner of The Crucible or the classic Twilight Zone episode, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street The characters are well drawn and the writing adept I was not surprised to discover that Dobyns is also a poet , while the narrator an outsider in ways than one is an interesting choice on the author s part that adds a somewhat unsettling sense of objectivity and distance to the even [...]

  16. Brian Hodges says:
    This book started off amazingly It s all about how a string of murders rips a small town apart as everyone begins accusing the wrong people As the product of a small town I could totally see the people I knew growing up in this exact setting Unfortunately it fell off toward the end simply because the revelation of the actual killer was never going to live up to all the intrigue and suspense that had been built up over the course of the book.

  17. Helen says:
    Very slowly and deliberately paced, certainly not scary in the usual horror sense I found the illustration of how suspicion tears a community apart and insidiously ruins previously long standing friendships moving than the actual crimes though these are indeed creepy Very well described characters, and I didn t guess the murderer until the very end.

  18. Kelley Tackett says:
    I am ambivalent about this book The book tells you the mystery right off the bat and you have to work towards that place again I have never had so many characters introduced in a book It was set in a small town and the narrator you never learn his name, only that he s a gay man that teaches biology at the local school felt the need to introduce lots of people and give you their whole backstory Dobyns is a good writer I would like to read of his books but I wouldn t recommend starting with this [...]

  19. Catarina says:
    Um livro soberbo Nunca esquecerei Aurelius nem os seus habitantes com as suas muitas peculiaridades De ressalvar a escrita do autor, o livro bastante descritivo, o que poderia fazer com que se tornasse ma udo mas n o o caso, o autor tem efectivamente o dom da escrita e leva nos a querer saber tudo e mais alguma coisa, de modo que nos embrenhamos na hist ria e quando cheguei ao fim senti que era capaz de ler outras 450 p ginas Recomendad ssimo, 5 estrelas mais do que merecidas

  20. Angel Elizabeth says:
    Some of the writing was good, but overall, I felt like it moved at a glacial pace and spent time judging people through the lens of an unreliable narrator Might revisit at a later date.

  21. Bandit says:
    As I was reading this book, I kept thinking this was a five star read The writing style is so great, rich, detailed, truly immersingis really is a literary novel with a mystery undercurrent And, as far as the mystery aspect of it goes, I didn t figure out the killer till the very end However, upon reading the whole book and pondering it for a few days, I subtracted two stars from my original estimate based on two things 1 despite a menagerie of well drawn out characters, there are no likable one [...]

  22. Eric_W says:
    Dobyns is better known, perhaps, for his wonderful and hilarious Saratoga mystery series featuring private eye Charlie Bradshaw This is serious in its implications and genre A promiscuous woman is murdered, mother of Aaron McNeal, a troubled youth, who is involved with the IIR, Investigations Into the Right, a reading group formed by a new professor at Aurelius College, in the small town of Aurelius The professor immediately alienates himself from the community by driving a red Citroen and teac [...]

  23. Bojana says:
    A very, very satisfying read A tense thriller exploring the human nature in a time of crisis, specifically human nature in small communities Little girls start to disappear in the small town of Aurelius, and soon after, all eyes are on the peculiar townies First, the gay, the single, the foreign man get singled out, than, as things get desperate, everyone becomes a suspect No ones secrets are safe, and since there is a dark side to the best of us, the towns dirty laundry soon comes floating up [...]

  24. Nora|KnyguDama says:
    Dauguma moni turi itin didel aistr kinui Kas vakar i ri filmus, seka aktori gyvenimus, ne sivaizduoja savo gyvenimo be kino teatr Na tikriausiai nieko nenustebinsiu pasakydama , jog did iausia mano aistra yra literat ra Na, bet ir kinui nesu abejinga Ta iau man ymiai labiau patinka i r ti serialus ia mano arkliukas Net negal iau vardinti kiek j nuo prad ios iki galo esu per i r jusi Bet gal iau vardinti vien , palikusi man did iausi sp d Be abejon s, visi laurai tenka legendiniam Tvin pyksui Tai [...]

  25. Mo says:
    I would classify this novel as a psychological murder mystery, which is normally not my preferred genre I do not enjoy being scared, nor do I like exploring too deeply the dark side of life I refused to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at the movies because I was having a hard enough time getting the pictures out of my head just from having read the book.I almost stopped reading this book after the first chapter.I found the first chapter to be gruesomely detailed, but lucky for me the entire [...]

  26. Joyce says:
    I had read or perhaps listened to this book when it first came out in 1997 When I saw a new recording, I was glad to reread it Unfortunately, I had confused it in my memory with A Maiden s Grave from 1995, Jeffrey Deaver s last standalone before he embarked on the Lincoln Rhyme series That s a hostage situation with a lot going on, so I was a little disappointed, but this is a good read listen of a different sort There s a crime here in a small upstate New York town 3 girls have gone missing We [...]

  27. Annet says:
    While reading it Had this book in my collection for years now Took it on several holidays, never got round to reading it Maybe because the book s pages are crammed with text, not really easy to read at first sight having read the reviews here, all of the sudden I got a sense to read this one now Now at page 59, I really like the story and the way the story is told by the storyteller The story is intriguing, how will this end Read it Wow what a story story incredibly well written about a mystery [...]

  28. Lisa James says:
    This book is one I am glad I took a chance on, even though the librarian herself never finished it, LOL This story takes place in a small town in upstate NY, where things are supposed to be safer than in the big city, Well, every small town has it s secrets, this one is no exception Told through the eyes of a high school teacher who s name we never know, this is a riveting murder mystery that is not nearly as straight forward as it seems It makes you think, no one is above suspicion The twists i [...]

  29. Roxana says:
    Life is a Mascarade, who is behind the mask that song from Bend Folds and Josh Groban fits perfectly with the story narrated in this book Speaking of narration, at first, the way the story is presented, made me think of Truman Capote s In cold blood Is ok, the teller might not be a journalist but he is a privileged witness of the story This is a small town, where everybody knows eachother, the question is, do they really know eachother When the first girl disappears, all the people in town wants [...]

  30. Esme says:
    In dem Psychothriller The Church of Dead Girls Die Kirche der toten M dchen geht es um die Auswirkungen des Verschwindens von drei M dchen auf das Leben in einer beliebigen amerikanischen Kleinstadt Es entsteht eine Atmosph re von Misstrauen und Angst, keiner ist vor den Verd chtigungen, der T ter zu sein, gefeit.Was verbirgt der Nachbar hinter seiner ffentlich sichtbaren Fassade Welche Geheimnisse lauern im Verborgenen Das eigene Verhalten des Ich Erz hlers wird vorsichtiger, er w gt ab, was er [...]

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