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In de stille nacht

In de stille nacht Het is een doodstille zondagavond in een rustige buitenwijk van Glasgow De televisie staat aan en het avondeten wordt bereid Maar de vredige rust wordt wreed verstoord als een gedeukte vrachtwagen voo

Het is een doodstille zondagavond in een rustige buitenwijk van Glasgow De televisie staat aan en het avondeten wordt bereid Maar de vredige rust wordt wreed verstoord als een gedeukte vrachtwagen voor de deur van een van de huizen stopt Twee gewapende mannen met bivakmutsen springen eruit en stormen het huis binnen, bedreigen de bewoners met een pistool en eisen geld,Het is een doodstille zondagavond in een rustige buitenwijk van Glasgow De televisie staat aan en het avondeten wordt bereid Maar de vredige rust wordt wreed verstoord als een gedeukte vrachtwagen voor de deur van een van de huizen stopt Twee gewapende mannen met bivakmutsen springen eruit en stormen het huis binnen, bedreigen de bewoners met een pistool en eisen geld, veel geld Verbijsterd zeggen de familieleden dat ze zoveel geld niet bezitten De overvallers kidnappen de grootvader en verdwijnen in de nacht De ervaren politievrouw Alex Morrow krijgt opdracht de mysterieuze zaak te onderzoeken Wie waren deze mannen En waarom denken ze dat een ogenschijnlijk normaal huishouden zoveel geld heeft te verbergen De familieleden hebben er in elk geval nooit iets over losgelaten Als Morrow zich verder in de zaak verdiept, komt ze allerlei diep verborgen geheimen op het spoor.

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  1. Denise Mina Marijke Versluys says:
    Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in 1966 Because of her father s job as an Engineer, the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs, including working in a meat factory, as a bar maid, kitchen porter and cook.Eventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patients.At twenty one she passed exams, got into study Law at Glasgow University and went on to research a PhD thesis at Strathclyde University on the ascription of mental illness to female offenders, teaching criminology and criminal law in the mean time.Misusing her grant she stayed at home and wrote a novel, Garnethill when she was supposed to be studying instead.

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  1. James Thane says:
    This novel features a cast of tortured characters, some good, some bad, and others somewhere in between It opens when two relatively incompetent thugs named Pat and Eddy burst into a home in Glasgow, intent on kidnapping some guy named Bob But there s no Bob there, and the panicked family in the home insists that they don t know anyone named Bob The thugs refuse to believe them and, since Bob isn t available, they kidnap the family s elderly father instead, this after Pat accidentally shoots the [...]

  2. Steve says:
    Mina s work is not for everyone Her vicious, visceral style spews and spills across the page, messy as a first draft until you notice the control and subtlety hiding under the anger and violence Alex Morrow is a Glasgow police detective coping with a crumbling marriage and her shame at growing up on the wrong side of the tracks When her commander assigns the lead in a volatile kidnapping to her loathed male colleague, she feels slighted about that, too As the case gets complex, she decides it s [...]

  3. Erica says:
    I thought this was fairly decent up until the end when it all fell apart for me and I was left feeling like I d eaten something that tasted fine at the time but left an unpleasant aftertaste.The reader was cracking me up, though not intentionally She sounded like she d burnt the tip of her tongue and was trying to work around saying words that would cause her pain At least, that s what I imagined had happened and it amused me greatly for absolutely no reason at all I m just weird, sometimes.This [...]

  4. Tim says:
    This was my first exposure to the author, who apparently scored much praise for her debut novel This one I have to say disappointed sufficiently to perhaps put me off attempting another Certainly it captured the hopeless, gray, damp and seedy Scottish underworld Wonderfully graphic images of council tenements, flaking paintwork and dead flowers in the garden but where was the story The devil as they say is in the detail and to me the detail was misplaced Of the numerous threads through the book [...]

  5. Gaby says:
    I d heard Tartan Noir thrown about and found this definition from the Double Tongued Word Wrester Dictionary Scottish detective fiction, or Tartan Noir as it s called, with its brooding sensibility, brutal humor and fixation on the nature of guilt and punishment, has in common with the Russian novel than it does with traditional detective writing Set in Glasgow, Still Midnight falls within this umbrella of Tartan Noir with the flawed detective hero, Alex Morrow.Alex Morrow, is prickly, slightly [...]

  6. Kristina says:
    I really hate to add another book to my can t finish 2014 shelf so soon, but I have no interest in this book It s rather clumsily written and I m not interested in the crime, the police officers, anything Some of the problem is the point of view switches between the criminals and the main officer, Alex Morrow Since I already know who did the crime if not exactly why , I m not so interested in watching the police find the culprits If an author is going to tell me right up front who did what, then [...]

  7. Mark says:
    Transcending the genre implies something backhanded about the genre and i am a big fan of the genre Denise Mina is a big star of the genre and I m a big fan of hers so I expected something great with this book What I didn t expect was how great it was going to be It starts off very straightforward but as it progresses the spotlight of the story seems to pull back and illuminate the depths of all the characters tangled in the plot It s here that Mina shines even brighter with writing that calls t [...]

  8. Barbara says:
    I read this book in 2009 and remembered none of it Not that it was immemorable but I tend to forget most mystery police procedural plot details This is the first Alex Morrow novel by Mina I love the gritty Glasgow these novels portray and the character Morrow as well.A group of Glasgow thugs invade the home in a modest neighborhood When they don t find the person they are looking for, they snatch the father, a 60 year old Muslim shopkeeper A family member is shot in the melee and Morrow comes in [...]

  9. J. says:
    London Road Police Station was down the road from Bridgeton Cross The door was always open to the public, welcoming them into an empty lobby with freestanding poster displays of friendly policemen and women chortling happily For safety reasons the front bar wasn t manned The duty sergeant could see the lobby through a one way mirror and CCTV He came out in his shirtsleeves if the member of the public didn t look tooled up or mad with the drink, but if they had as much as an air of melancholy abo [...]

  10. Cindy says:
    3 storylines crime, romance, workplace l o n g novel, a writer you like or not, no mid ground Profanity, torture scenes crime and workplace I wanted to tell her coworker a thing or two Narrated well with a heavy accent so keep reader at normal speed till you get accustomed.

  11. Karen says:
    I received this book from Hachette publishing as a participant on the book club at devourerofbooks Initially I had difficulty with this book Upon reflection, I found that the chapters that held the character of DS Alex Morrow and the investigation really held my interest However the chapters that was from the point of view of one of the criminals, Pat was less engaging After finishing the book I saw that this was a shame as his story and that of his family was part of a interesting relection on [...]

  12. Marsha says:
    I really loved Denise Mina s Paddy Meehan series and was not disappointed by this first in a new series featuring Alex Morrow Like Paddy, Alex is a disenfranchised, lower class, independent thinking female who is trying to make her way in Glasgow, bastion of sexist men Alex is a detective, however, and battles against the prejudices of her squad members while hiding her underworld roots as well as the hidden pain of a lost child She becomes second in command of a kidnapping case involving the As [...]

  13. Carol says:
    I ve really enjoyed Mina s previous books but this one disappointed me I found the shifting narration to be jarring The characters were flat and unconvincing, and the vast majority of them were unlikeable, including the lead detective, Alex Morrow The story just didn t seem to have any meat on its bones parts Pat s infatuation with the kidnap victim s daughter were unbelievable, parts were extraneous the entire side story about Alex s half brother served no discernible point , and much of it was [...]

  14. Nicole Bonia says:
    Told through the frame of a home invasion gone wrong, Mina s complex narrative is a less crime story than it is an intricate and thoughtful probing of family life, workplace politics,and the inescapable organizing structure of the past on identity and life choices.

  15. Salla Erho says:
    Mik ilo l yt kirjastosta ennen lukematon dekkarisarjan aloitus, joka koukuttaa samalla hyv ll tavalla kuin telkkarin parhaat brittidekkarisarjat Yhteiskuntakritiikki , huumoria, rujoutta eik liikaa v kivallalla m ss ily , ei ainakaan viel t ss ensimm isess osassa.

  16. AngryGreyCat says:
    Still Missing by Denise Mina is a very current feeling police procedural You have a family, who seems to be targeted for some unknown reason They receive some poor treatment initially from the police due to concerns of radicalization Threads of religion, family, and culture intertwine with the plot of this mystery The most interesting parts of the story to me are Aahmir s reactions to his kidnapping and thoughts during the events.The police are battling without and within This is a high media at [...]

  17. Annie says:
    Bit grittier than I normally read It took me awhile to warm to the heroine but eventually liked her Same with mystery, toward the end it was really intriguing But the convoluted romantic ending was hard to believe I was most impressed by how Glaswegins take cursing to a whole new level.

  18. Nicole says:
    Another great series to follow loved the Scottish setting too.

  19. Jamie says:
    I m beginning to wonder if I just prefer detective crime as television This was well written, but I found it tedious to read full chapters from the POV of the criminals and the hostage too.

  20. Jamie Canaves says:
    Criminals burst into a home in Glasgow demanding to see Bob Except there is no Bob By night s end a family member will be shot and the criminals will kidnap Amir, the patriarch of the family The family and police are all confused as to why this particular family was targeted considering there is no one named Bob and the criminals shouted about Afghanistan when Amir was born in Uganda And none of the family members have any relation or ties to Afghanistan The novel equally follows the criminals w [...]

  21. Tony says:
    Back in the late 90s I was on a kick where I was reading every Scottish author I could get my hands on, and in the course of that, came across Denise Mina s excellent 1998 debut, Garnethill Since then, I ve moved on to other reading jags, but when I saw her latest crime novel was available, I thought I should see if she s as good as I remember While this one didn t blow me away like her debut did, it does succeed as a very good police procedural stocked with interesting characters and good pace. [...]

  22. Naomi V says:
    Two gunmen burst into the middle class home of immigrant Muslims in Glasgow, looking for Bob, whom residents claim not to know After demanding money, and accidentally shooting the hand off the teenage daughter, the gunmen leave with the father of the extended family living in the house, expecting ransom in the future.Alex Morrow is a dedicated police investigator who isn t a people person I empathize I always thought that it was important to do a good job than to stroke the egos of the powers t [...]

  23. Craig Sisterson says:
    Denise Mina is one of the new generation of exciting Scottish authors who ve stood on the shoulders of Val McDermid and Ian Rankin to push Tartan Noir even to the forefront of contemporary crime fiction in recent years Detective Sergeant Alex Morrow is summoned to investigate a bizarre case where armed men in balaclavas burst into a suburban Glasgow home, held a family at gunpoint while asking for a million pounds, and then kidnapped the elderly patriarch when the family protest they don t have [...]

  24. Lynn says:
    I wanted to read a book written by Denise Mina as I had read some interesting reviews about her work I chose Still Midnight because it is the first in her Alex Morrow series So many have written a synopsis of the story that I don t think one will add to the reviews My impression of the book was that it was full of little surprises Some authors lay out the back ground at the beginning of the first book in a series I found that the author would give information along the way that surprised me abo [...]

  25. Heather says:
    I really enjoyed this book It s a mystery set in Glasgow with a grumpy police woman as the main character It reminded me of books by two other mysteries from across the pond Tana French and Kate Atkinson But while both French and Atkinson s main characters and their personal stories tend to dominate the books, this one alternated between Alex Morrow, the policewoman, and some of the people involved in the crime I liked knowing what was going on with the criminals, one of them I thought was parti [...]

  26. Spuddie says:
    1 Alex Morrow mystery set in Glasgow, Scotland Alex is a Detective Sergeant who ends up working a botched kidnapping case in which the sixty year old Amir Anwar is taken from his comfortable suburban home by an amateurish group of thugs Problem is, the kidnappers seem to have gotten the wrong guy they were after some guy named Bob Mr Anwar is a Ugandan political refugee who owns a small corner shop, not someone you d expect to have a two million quid ransom lying around The case looks to be a bi [...]

  27. Msjodi777 says:
    I m pretty ambivalent about this book It was good, but yea, doncha just hate that At one point in the book there was a comment about how the language of some people could make a porn star blush Well, some of the language in this book would fit that category The story itself was excellent, though it did move around quite a bit in time and space, but after a few minutes you get used to it The narrator, Jane MacFarlane, was excellent Have never heard her read anything before, but she did an excelle [...]

  28. Bookmarks Magazine says:
    Critics called Still Midnight an auspicious debut to Mina s new police procedural series, and its heroine just as beguiling as O Donnell and Meehan and just as dark, rude, and troubled by gender politics Times Although the novel contains the same wry wit and compassion that mark her other books, here Mina casts a sharp eye on her characters mental states, blurring the lines between the villains and the good guys as she explores their life trajectories The only criticism was that this focus on in [...]

  29. Icewineanne says:
    This book began with so much promise The beginning was hilarious, focusing on three bumbling criminals who reminded me of something out of a three stooges film I actually laughed out loud Unfortunately it was all downhill after that.All of the characters, including the main character, detective Alex Morrow, are unlikable This book managed to be both boring and annoying I almost quit reading several times, and why I kept going was intriguing to me, than the plot of this book.This book was a comp [...]

  30. Scotchneat says:
    I wanted to like this one than I did The lead detective is in the classic tradition of the outside alkie dark outlook tradition, except she s a she, which is a bit unusual.What wasn t handled well is her cause of darkness something that could and should have emotional weight and attention in the narrative than it does, as well as her relationship with her husband Where Mina does focus on this for small moments, I can see where she could have gone and I think it would have made a better book.Th [...]

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