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Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress

Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress Lady Philippa Knolles has loved Captain Thomas Dash Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smuggler s beach near Hastings Now after what seems like a lifetime of waiting Pippin is offered

Lady Philippa Knolles has loved Captain Thomas Dash Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smuggler s beach near Hastings Now after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, Pippin is offered a chance to renew her scandalous affair with Dash But the man from that first heady kiss and the man she rediscovers all these years later are hardly the same Tucked awaLady Philippa Knolles has loved Captain Thomas Dash Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smuggler s beach near Hastings Now after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, Pippin is offered a chance to renew her scandalous affair with Dash But the man from that first heady kiss and the man she rediscovers all these years later are hardly the same Tucked away in the back of her closet is a red dress, the one she wore long ago to win his heart Could it have enough memories left inside it to rekindle a passion she s never forgotten

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  1. Elizabeth Boyle says:
    Elizabeth Boyle was an antipiracy paralegal for Microsoft before settling down to write full time Her first novel, Brazen Angel, which won Dell s Diamond Debut Award in 1996, also won the Romance Writers of America s RITA Award for Best First Book, and was a finalist for Best Long Historical Romance She lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington She is also the author of Brazen Heiress.

Comment 856 on “Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress

  1. Katie(babs) says:
    When Elizabeth Boyle first introduced Lady Philippa and the American pirate captain, Thomas Dashwell in This Rake of Mine four years ago, I was instantly smitten by this couple In the next three consecutive novels featuring Philippa who went by the nickname Pippin and her two cousins, the sisters Langleys, Elizabeth teased her readers with small scenes of Pippin and Thomas Dashwell interacting with one another Pippin fell instantly in love with his older and dashing bad boy and it looked like Da [...]

  2. Cat says:
    As a big Pippin and Dash fan, I am extremely disappointed with the development of their storyline To have the Pippin married to Gossett and not meet up with Dash until 23 years later just killed their story for me I can t see the Dash and Pippin from the past 3 books letting go of their love just like that The only explanation that this can happen is that Pippin had changed her mind about Dash which there were some indications of in the Black Gown I do not see the purpose of why Dash was written [...]

  3. Carrie Olguin says:
    This story is about Pippin daughter of an Earl and Dash, her American pirate love Bits and pieces of their story were introduced in previous books Finally, we get to experience their happily ever after.In the last book, the secretly pregnant Pippin married Lord Gosset in a deal to save Dash s life.Twenty years later, the story begins I thought the heroine was dying of a stroke and it was the end of her life.And then we jump back in the past to where Pipping met her pirate And then we jump forwar [...]

  4. SidneyKay says:
    There are flashbacks and then there are flashbacks.When I first read The Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress in 2009 I had a big problem with the hero, and I was hoping that rereading the story in close proximity to the others in the series might change my belief that Dashwell was a irredeemable hero Sorry to say I couldn t find it in myself to like this guy and the story is also the first book in the series which I didn t care for The reread didn t change my mind, only cemented my feelings.Flashb [...]

  5. Sarah says:
    This book was a perfect book for me It had all my favorite elements a second chance love story and it was executed quite excellently and devotedly , pirates, ships, a changed hero, and wonderful and very memorable characters This is the tale of Lady Phillipa Pippin and Captain Thomas Dashwell I only read the previous book in this series, and Dash and Pippin s story ended so tragically and hopelessly that I just had to hurry and read their happy ending before I went crazy in misery for them Pippi [...]

  6. Nira says:
    CAUTION DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WISH TO BE REDUCED TO A TEARY PILE OF MUSH THIS HEAR WRENCHING TALE IS ONLY FOR THE VERY BRAVEST READERS OR THE ONES WHO WISH TO SPEND THE DURATION OF THE READ SOBBING THEIR HEARTS OUT I m utterly speechless It was a tragic romance than anything else like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Titanic I absolutely love the hero, Thomas Dashwell, because he was flawed in every sense of the word He was not the perfect man and the kind of decisions he made showed him to be a [...]

  7. Melissa says:
    Dash and Pippin s story finally I was appalled initially at discovering they had been torn apart for 20 something years and wondered if people could rediscover that young love again I was heartbroken by the ending of the previous book and had not expected the characters to be separated for so long.The first half of the book was hard to read Dash, who I idealized in the other books, is a wastrel hate filled man It was hard to read these scenes and I was very disappointed in the characters The I [...]

  8. Shelly says:
    I really hate the idea that Pippin and Dash were separated for upwards of twenty years I loved their relationship in Felicity and Thalia s stories and the idea of them just giving up on their relationship and moving on is just annoying to me I felt that they would have fought for it and so them being cowards didn t sit well with me The story in itself was fine, but the fact that it was involving these two particular characters I just didn t like it I was looking forward to Pippin and Dash s stor [...]

  9. Kimberly says:
    Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed joyfullyreviewed revieIt was instant attraction for Lady Philippa Knolles when she met daring American Captain Thomas Dashwell But even as Pippin and Dash fall in love, an uneasy political climate eventually leads to their separation, leaving Pippin with only a scandalous red dress and two lives growing inside her as mementoes of the pirate she loved Twenty three years later, Pippin is widowed and the image of propriety Then a stranger appears on her doorst [...]

  10. Ian Bond says:
    If you ve never read a romance novel, you should read at least one They are fascinating studies Here are my research notes for a future script project This story takes place in 1837 with flashbacks to 1814 on pirate ships, in England, and in Balti, briefly It s so cliched that it almost is brilliant in its subtlety, then you realize she probably isn t being cliche ironically and then it s just a bit sad Knowing a bit about the time period only makes the moments of historic grounding ridiculous [...]

  11. Keri says:
    I don t like long separation books and this one had a 20 year separation, so it was wasn t my cuppa I also don t feel that Dash ever apologized to his son or Pippa for his actions I also thought the ending a little strange I didn t understand Pippa s reasons for not wanting to marry Dash, just live with him in sinh I would have loved to have seen books about John and Nash, both naval men, but one in the colonies and one in the English Navyuld have been fun.

  12. Rebecca says:
    I just couldn t get past that they were separated for so long I love these books but it made me crazy to see this happen.

  13. Tiko says:
    does anyone know if theres a book about Pippins and Dashs son and Molly D coz im sure there was a romance brewing XD and cant believe that the stories left untouched

  14. Angelica Morado says:
    This book, I did not like It was confusing at the beginning and still confusing as I read I concluded that it was telling a love story of the two main characters when they were young Now years later, they meet again but the man feels betrayed as she left him and married someone else He is much older and is sick So he does not see how they can come together They both had children with another partner In fact the girl married her partner who now died and she is from a noble family He was a pirate [...]

  15. Darlene Foster says:
    My favorite book in the series Dash pippin deserve a happy ending Love the two of them together Was not happy with how pippin let her children treat her She wasn t senile or helpless yet had to sneak away Dash seemed like i thought, drunk broken by a hard, lonely life Nice to read about older people in love enjoying sex, life doesn t stop at 20.

  16. Y says:
    3.5 since I read all 4 previous books, some of the back and forth in timeline was a bit tedious, though added some new insights I loved the ending and how she felt free being on the boat, and the added surprise

  17. Lisa Hoang aka The Consummate Reader says:
    the first elizabeth boyle book i ever read and not my last a regency style romeo and juliet type story, but without the protags killing themselves captain thomas dashwell and lady pippin were lovers during a time of war ish they were separated and later reunioned 2 decades or so later she is kidnapped onto dash s ship by his son nate while they reconcile and whatnot captain john gossett, pippin s son in her previous marriage, sets sail after the people who kidnapped his mother john s ship catche [...]

  18. Haley Osborn says:
    Now I can deal with time skips even though I generally don t like them unless they are well suited to the story 23 years is then too far off the strech for me Not only that but I really didn t find it romantic at all If anything and if I could deal with such a great time skip the characters which I have loved since the beginning of this series and have waited for their story were completely ruined in my opinion They are gone and in no way near the characters you loveI would ve thought it a comp [...]

  19. Mudpie says:
    I have not read any other books in the series but I feel I can still enjoy the book on its own Now I want to read the books that came before I initially had problems following the plot because of the constant flashbacks for the first two thirds of the book The couple obviously have a very big back story and this is a story about parted lovers and their reunion From other reviews the back story was like a cliffhanger in previous two books and many readers eagerly awaited these secondary character [...]

  20. J.A. Kenney says:
    Like many I was frightened off of this book by the timeline The book and the series was sidelined and stuck in myybe read it sometime file.I am glad I waited When I finished Black Gown the thought that Dash and Pippin would spend 20 years apart was unthinkable.Coming back to this book after time had passed was like rediscovering a first love.The story is unique, the characters complex, and the plot unexpected.Yes, there were a few lines tread close to for the romance genre, but imo none of the r [...]

  21. Erin says:
    I wanted to love this book and ended up hating it because it was not the story I wanted it to be Instead of picking off where the last book left off, it picks up some 20 years later reuniting the Captain and Phillipa after the death of her husband.I felt this book betrayed so much about Pippin and the love affair she had nursed through the previous books So much so that I was glad to see that she was not mentioned in the next series in the letters between the sisters, or if she was it was minima [...]

  22. Ashley says:
    I started with book 3 in the series but I don t think it really matters as books 3 5 focus on a pair of sisters and a cousin and they were good I think I found all of them at a book sale or used book store and thought they sounded interesting enough to pick up I really don t remember much of the first two books other than they were enjoyable and made me want to read book 5 It was by far my favorite in the series and one that I will keep and go back to re read It was a fun book and I enjoyed Pipp [...]

  23. Karen says:
    THIS IS A SIX TISSUE BOOK You ve been warned I was a bit gobsmacked by this one, to be honest I knew Pippa and Dash would likely be the focus of the next book in the series and wondered how the author was going to get around Pippa s decision from the end of the last book and Dash s, er, legal difficulties, but THIS this approach was completely unexpected To see how they played off one another in the previous books, and then know from the outset that they DIDn t wind up together Funny, I was just [...]

  24. Linda says:
    A disappointment, overall I didn t like this plot in the earlier books in the series, I didn t find Captain Thomas Dashwell an attractive suitor The book is split into two halves, before she married Viscount Gossett and then twenty some years later when Pippin is a widow.SPOILERSThe premise is good, the second chance at love predicament The plausibility hinges on whether or not Pippin would throw respectability to the wind and follow her heart The catch, which is glossed over in the book, is whe [...]

  25. Akriti Anand says:
    The plot had the potential to be quite engaging But It was not It rather felt like a fill in sort of book Half the story is from the previous books and while flashes of the pasts were important, they took up too much of the story The present was cut short, quite unbelievable and unsatisfying The h H became cordial from absolutely hating each other surprisingly fast, given the terrible truth about the hero that was revealed She didn t forgive him But they became the best buddies the next day.I wa [...]

  26. Sassapphras says:
    There were only two things I didn t like about this book we were repeatedly reminded that old people shouldn t have sex and the constant change from past to present The former complaint is minor, while the latter will almost always get marked down reviews from me for the same reason that change of character perspectives will they break the story apart I m following along perfectly well as it goes, and BAM, I m somewhere one else and often repetitve in these instances Just not my cup of tea.

  27. Mom says:
    Lady Philippa Knolles has loved Captain Thomas Dash Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smuggler s beach near Hastings Now after what seems like a lifetime of waiting, Pippin is offered a chance to renew her scandalous affair with Dash But the man from that first heady kiss and the man she rediscovers all these years later are hardly the same Tucked away in the back of her closet is a red dress, the one she wore long ago to win his heart Could it have enough memories left inside i [...]

  28. Lynne Tull says:
    As I read the first chapter I thought this would be the best of the series of five books However, it was not Half of the book was spent reliving what had happened between the H H in the other four books I found myself skipping the flashbacks and reading only those years that applied to the current eventsat is 20 years later Also, one character s story was left hanging and I am not sure if he appeared in one of Ms Boyle s later books It was probably left to the reader s imagination as to his fate [...]

  29. Jennifer says:
    I just read the previous 3 books in the Bachelor Chronicles, so it was so frustrating to see the subject of Phillipa s child kept secret, since I already knew who it was I fell in love with Lord Gossett in this book yes, the saintly husband who died two years ago What a perfect man Phillipa and Dash were much interesting in their youth, and in previous books Lord Gossett definitely deserved better.

  30. Kit says:
    I found the first few chapters bittersweet, not so much that 20 years had gone by Pippen had children she was determined to do right by It was the disaster that Dash had become,understandable a disillusioned,seasoned captain would be a drunk,yet still sad The story picked up once Dash s recovery started and became the story of Pippen and Dash that one would hope for I loved the ending I hope that Elizabeth Boyle writes about John and Nate, those could prove to be great stories.

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