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Auschwitz: The Story of a Nazi Death Camp

Auschwitz The Story of a Nazi Death Camp Through startling first person narratives a rare collection of photographs and expert storytelling a renowned authority traces the history of Auschwitz from World War II to the present day

Through startling first person narratives, a rare collection of photographs, and expert storytelling, a renowned authority traces the history of Auschwitz from World War II to the present day.

  • [PDF] Auschwitz: The Story of a Nazi Death Camp | by ✓ Clive Lawton
    230 Clive Lawton

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  1. Clive Lawton says:
    Clive Lawton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Auschwitz: The Story of a Nazi Death Camp book, this is one of the most wanted Clive Lawton author readers around the world.

Comment 759 on “Auschwitz: The Story of a Nazi Death Camp

  1. Alexandra Escamilla says:
    The name of Auschwitz has become synonymous with the Holocaust and so it is fitting that an entire volume be devoted to describing what happened there Scrupulously documented, this is short, but packs a lot of information For this subject, a picture really is worth a thousand words and Lawton carefully lays out the evidence as if with an eye towards the deniers, about which a chapter is included He uses only the most conservative estimates for the number of people killed at Auschwitz and explain [...]

  2. Sarah Hannon says:
    Personal Reaction I loved this book because it is over my favorite subject to study and discuss This book provides a unique opportunity to read quotes from first hand experiencers of the camp as well as learn about the camp and what happened there during the time it was there as well as to about 13 years ago when the book was written Purpose Use in the classroom Read aloud Historical based non fiction book To discuss the history of WWII, Nazi Germany, or concentration camps.Independent Reading F [...]

  3. Alexis Collins says:
    This was a hard read for me I thought I was going to be able to honest truths about the Holocaust, but when I was visually seeing all the pictures that coincided with the stories in this book, I was moved by the reality of what had actually occurred in Auschwitz I was unaware that almost all children were immediate put into the line of the gas chambers due to their weak strength As for women, I would have thought they could have been used for other things, but rather they were put into the gas c [...]

  4. Duane says:
    This is a excellent resource for anyone interested in the Holocaust and the camps people were kept in Filled with pictures I ve never seen before, the book captures the humanity and evilness that the entire ordeal encompassed Not gory, but filled with enough details so you know just how tragic the entire terror was, the reader will be moved Every library should have this book in their collection

  5. Ashley Wampler says:
    This is a kid friendly, mostly pictorial account of the most notorious death camp, Auschwitz, during the Holocaust and WWII It explains a lot about the concentration camps, but in words that children would understand It talks about the living conditions, disease, lack of food, gas chambers, and much Based on my experience with my PTLS unit, children have a lot of questions about the Holocaust and this book does a good job answering a lot of them.

  6. Chris says:
    Candid, yet carefully written so I believe this could be for student use in the upper middle grades Information is presented sequentially, there are many photographs I have never seen, and the story of how these photographs were able to be taken and now presented is included An excellent resource.

  7. Chelsea says:
    The book is under the Juvenile section of the library because the book is not difficult to read nor understand but the material discussed in the book is not juvenile in nature I personally would only discuss the book with children over the age of 10 with a responsible adult since the subject matter, the details discussed in the book, are not juvenile in nature.

  8. Ferret Cultist says:
    Very informational and heartbreaking The horrors of what happened in Auschwitz are practically incomprehensible I feel that every act of cruelty that occurred in the death camp cannot truly be felt and expressed by those who did not experience it To know, and to remember what happened here is key to fighting future acts resembling what all happened in Nazi Death Camps.

  9. Natalie says:
    I found this book in the children s section in the library, but this is too graphic for children Photographs of piles of dead bodies, a man grasping an electrified fence, etc Although my older children and I talk a lot about the horrors of WW2, I will not let them read this book ages 11 and 12.

  10. Kate Mills says:
    A sad book but one of my favorite non fiction books I ve ever read.

  11. Judy says:
    Great factual book for teens to see and learn about auschwitz Picture not too horribly graphic I got a few copies for my classroom.

  12. Cathy Moore says:
    Interesting book of facts and pictures about the Auschwitz Helps give you an understanding of the turmoil the people faced under the control of The Nazi Death Camp.

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