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Protecting Paige

Protecting Paige Single mom Paige Harmer is at her wits end about her son Dillon who s running with a bad crowd She turns to nextdoor neighbor Cst Tommy Godsoe Sidelined by a gunshot injury he just wants to be left

Single mom Paige Harmer is at her wits end about her son Dillon, who s running with a bad crowd She turns to nextdoor neighbor Cst Tommy Godsoe Sidelined by a gunshot injury, he just wants to be left alone, but Paige is unstoppable Before long, he s drawn into their lives Paige is going to need a cop in her corner, and Tommy needs Paige to bring him back to life.

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  1. Norah Wilson says:
    A USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance, Norah lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with her husband, two adult children, two dogs Ruby and Neva and two cats Ruckus and Milo.Norah is a three time finalist in the Romance Writers of America s Golden Heart contest In 2003, she won Dorchester Publishing s New Voice in Romance contest In addition to writing romance, Norah also writes in the mystery and YA genres with writing partner Heather Doherty The mystery is the cozy variety, not the thriller variety they dare you to read a Dix Dodd mystery and not laugh out loud.

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  1. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:
    Tommy Godsoe s life hasn t always sucked, in fact until recently, it d been pretty damned awesome Being a cop was his life, being a dog handler was his passion, but being shot during a police raid has put a damper on things Days that were once spent serving with honor and purpose are now filled with pain and uncertainty Unable to stand the thought of the pity he d see in the eyes of his ex fellow officers, Tommy has closed himself off from any and all contact, but much to his displeasure, the fo [...]

  2. Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession says:
    3.5 stars

  3. SamJ ★Needs a HEA★ says:
    This is the third in the Serve and Protect series and is by far my favourite Single parent Paige Harmer is at her wit s end about her son Dillon s a good kid, but he s fallen in with a bad crowd She s determined to enlist the help of her next door neighbour, the extremely handsome and much younger Tommy Godsoe Tommy is a local cop, and until he got shot recently in a police raid, was a dog handler.I loved both Paige and Tommy Their banter right from the start had me hooked Tommy Okay, this must [...]

  4. Kristin Anders says:
    I enjoyed this entire series They are entertaining reads with likeable characters and interesting plots.My one teeny, tiny commentRAH Where s Dillon and Rachel s story You know, ten years later or something when she s a cop and some evil psycho tries to kill one or both of them and they have to go through life threatening circumstances They could start out separately or together They could have been married and divorced, or engaged and sitting on the wedding date.Ooo Dillon could have grown an e [...]

  5. Pamela(AllHoney) says:
    The third book in the Serve and Protect series by Norah Wilson I have enjoyed the previous books in the series and really looked forward to this one I m not sure why it took so long for me to finally grab it but I m glad I did It started out a little slow for me but it wasn t long until I got caught up in the story and didn t want to put it down.Paige Harmer is new to the neighborhood and is worried about her son who will soon turn 18 years old He has been hanging with a questionable crowd and m [...]

  6. Jacqueline says:
    3.5 stars Solid well plotted romantic suspense read Not edge of your seat but it moved right along and the whole thing made sense The heroine had no TSTL moments The cop was interesting and I loved the bits about working with police dogs I wish there had been of that in fact It seemed like just the right level of liking animals and liking to work with dogs without being saccharine about it the teenage son was nicely done There were only a couple of sex scenes and they were nicely done and on th [...]

  7. MBR says:
    Protecting Paige, book 3 in the To Serve and Protect series explores the story of how a single mother finds much than she bargained for in the arms of her sexy and younger neighbor that makes for one of my favorite tropes of romance 34 year old Paige is a product of the foster care system making a life for herself and her 17 year old son Dillon whom she has brought up on her own after her husband had bailed out on her.Moving to her new neighborhood, Paige discovers that her neighbor, the tacitu [...]

  8. Redheads Review it Better says:
    While Tommy is wallowing in self pity, he is blindsided by the irresistible and unstoppable force named Paige At first he finds her a little in your face but then when she leaves, he feels the void she left He finds himself growing and intrigued by her sauciness and respects her relationship and trust in her son And the he gets to know her and her son Dillon, the less alone he feels Growing attached, he can t fight wanting to help Paige out when trouble comes around, even if that means having [...]

  9. Stevie says:
    3.75, Again another enjoyable story I really like Norah Wilson s style of writing, especially her use of the english language Love to look up words that I don t see often She has an amazing vocabulary This is a sweet but touching story about three people trying desperately to encapsulate their deepest emotions from further hurt Good dynamics between characters and the plot was well thought out Despite the hot cover, steam level is minimum Light and fast paced as the others in the series, nothing [...]

  10. Gayle Pullen says:
    Third in the series this story continues giving you tidbits about the characters in the previous books while guiding you into the life of injured Constable Tommy Godsoe and his neighbors Paige and Dillon Harmer The story begins with a hint of what is to come, whetting your appetite, while immediately dropping you into Tommy s struggle with injuries incurred while on the job Ms Wilson keeps you hopping trying to figure out just who is in danger and what might the culprit be truly after In the end [...]

  11. Harman says:
    I m probably not really going to say much about this either because it was just a read so I could wind down with all the stuff going on with my life at the time It was Homecoming week This was a cute read As the same with the previous book in this series, the book was kind of predictable I really liked the romance between Paige and Tommy it was pretty adorable I loved how even though Tommy was badly injured he did whatever it took to take care of Paige I found Dillon to be extremely cute This bo [...]

  12. Lhenry says:
    Best of the series, although I liked them all Tommy is a really appealing hero He has a lot of bitterness in the loss of his career, but somehow his underlying goodness makes the reader want to hug him instead of giving him a kick in the pants His attention to Paige s teen age son is one of the early ways his sweeter nature is revealed and the revelation of his nature continues through the book Paige is a wonderful heroine and a good match for Tommy s underlying caring personality I liked the pa [...]

  13. Jo Ann says:
    My favorite of the series so far Love a wounded, broody hero and a strong, smart heroine and that s what we get with Tommy and Paige Great story arc appreciated the multiple POV s Would love a future story about Dillon and Rachel

  14. BooksSaveMe says:
    Great series which just kept getting better I hope there are to comeHighly recommended non taxing romantic suspense with the perfect 50 50 mix of action and romance that not all authors in this genre achieve.Read it in one sittiing.Right up there with Karen Rose

  15. Allyson says:
    This was an excellent read I loved this series and stayed up much to late only going to read one page.Norah Wilson has a way of writting that holds your attention and can t wait to read I have read quite a few of her books and can t wait to read .

  16. Jen_C says:
    3.5Quotes I m not qualified to model anything else Sure, you are He glared at her Right What would you have me follow with Safe sex Time tested cures for a hangover She lifted her chin, green eyes sparking Why not Whether I like it or not, those are things a young man has to learn How about the Tommy Godsoe catch and release approach to dating No You don t like that one How about landing your buddy in an IAD shit storm out of sheer carelessness That crap about resenting Cleo s claim on his time [...]

  17. Merle says:
    Best of the Serve and Protect series so far, in my opinion Constable Tommy Godsoe has lost his livelihood after being shot He can no longer be a K9 handler because of the injuries and is resigning from the Police Force, as well as from life His next door neighbor, Paige, blows into his life and literally changes everything She is a single mom with an 18 year old son, and she fears for him every day Tommy has no interest in them but is forced to take an interest after several unsavory things happ [...]

  18. Alina Neacşu says:
    Hey, didn t I see Dillon and Rachel I sent them off to the barn to see the pups He pulled back, cocking an eyebrow You sent them As in, wanting to get rid of them Yeah, I didn t want any wise cracks from the peanut gallery when I asked you to marry me His face went blank You re asking me to marry you She blinked back tears Hey, if you re tempted to turn me down eight or nine times before you accept, I ll totally understand I mean, it would only be fair Just so you know I m not going to stop ask [...]

  19. Debbie Oxier says:
    Love this series Get reacquainted with some favorite people from earlier books in the Serve and Protect books while meeting Tommy Godsoe He was shot in the line of duty and is now home recovering from his injury He meets Paige, a single mom, and her teenage son, Dillon, who share his duplex When Dillon gets in trouble, Tommy attempts to help the boy Then it looks like Paige is the target instead Pretty soon she gets kidnapped, Dillon is AWOL, and they find out a terrorist plot has put than just [...]

  20. Janey says:
    3.5 stars Good murder, suspense, next door neighbour romance Paige, hard working single mum raising her son Dillon and the gruff and moody ex police dog handler Tommy next door Their is an attraction there when they first met but both parties do everything to bury it, but the time they spend together the they realise that it s real and could be something The drama starts and you get stuck in to the suspense part, really absorbing and you get to hear from the the two main guys, Ray and John fro [...]

  21. Cindy ~ SnS Reviews says:
    Perfect blending of humor and suspense What starts out as a humorous meeting between two neighbors, one a angry self pitying ex cop and one a chatty no boundaries single mom turns into an intense full suspense Tommy s scenes were almost heartbreaking To have the thing you love the most his job as a K9 officer suddenly ended with a bullet He needed Paige and from their first meeting you are rooting for them both The additional story line of her son Dillon and his problems that brings all the susp [...]

  22. Meetta says:
    Protecting PaigeI love how Paige literally blows into Tommy s life at a time he needed it Both characters are likeable, although Tommy is a bit gruff in the beginning, but for a good reason It was fun reading about Paige inserting herself in Tommy s life, whether he wanted her there or not I had read this book first, rather than in order by mistake This book has action, suspense, and romance with a HEA Have enjoyed many Norah Wilson s books Looking forward to reading .

  23. Luisa Rivas says:
    I liked this one a lot I liked the theme of older woman younger man, and founf Paige and Tommy a great couple loved Paige s son Dillon, liked Dillon s friend Rachel with her tattoos and piercings, and loved to meet with Razor and Quigg again This one has suspense from the beginning of the book, so I found it better written than the others The only thing I didn t like is that I would have liked a longer ending.

  24. Shirley Bottoms says:
    I loved this book It was very hard to put down The characters of Paige and Tommy were very believable You could tell that Paige was a very good Mother and interested in everything her son was involved in Dillon really showed that he had an excellent upbringing and was was so afraid for his Mother It really showed how young people can be tempted and how strong they had to be to stay out of trouble I think , if you love mystery and intrigue, that you will also love this book.

  25. Jen says:
    4.5 out of 5 starsI m not sure why I continue to be surprised by how much I enjoy Norah Wilson s books as each one of the Serve and Protect series has been excellent This one in particular struck me with the emotional connection between H h, and the suspense involved actually had my heart racing towards the end I literally could not put it down Highly recommended.

  26. Diane says:
    A single mom, her teenage son and a crippled cop who was shot in the line of duty become embroiled in a dangerous game they know nothing about Fast paced and well written with plenty of family drama, sexual tension and a sinister plot, this book has everything I enjoy in romantic suspense Norah Wilson s books are one of my guilty pleasures.

  27. MaryRhonda says:
    Great Story Loved this story It had me on edge with all the twists and turns wondering how it was going to get resolved The way Paige steamrolled over Tommy with his antisocial ways was the bomb Between Paige and Dillon, Tommy never saw it coming I don t want to give anything away, so just read this book you won t be disappointed.

  28. Jenn Lynne says:
    Love this seriesThis is a great series that s mystery and romance I absolutely love how I can be on the edge of my seat one minute in mystery then the spark of romance comes Without giving anything away this book just shows you how one woman can make a man s world tilt and spin

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