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طوبی و معنای شب

With this bold insightful novel Parsipur makes a stylishly original contribution to modern feminist literature Publishers Weekly starred review Parsipur should be admired both as a courageous woman w

With this bold, insightful novel Parsipur makes a stylishly original contribution to modern feminist literature Publishers Weekly starred review Parsipur should be admired both as a courageous woman who endured jail and torture and as a writer and innovator Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran Now available in paperback, this complex With this bold, insightful novel Parsipur makes a stylishly original contribution to modern feminist literature Publishers Weekly starred review Parsipur should be admired both as a courageous woman who endured jail and torture and as a writer and innovator Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran Now available in paperback, this complex epic captures the changing fortunes of Iranian women in the twentieth century from the era of colonialism to the rule of two shahs to the 1980 Islamic Revolution The Iranian best selling author of eleven books, including Women Without Men, Shahrnush Parsipur now lives in exile in the United States.

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  1. شهرنوش پارسی‌پور says:
    Shahrnush Parsipur

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  1. Ahmad Sharabiani says:
    Tuba va ma na ye shab Touba and the Meaning of Night, Shahrnush ParsipurTouba and the Meaning of Night is a novel written by Iranian novelist, Shahrnush Parsipur and was originally published in Iran in 1989 it is Parsipur s second novel and is a fictional account of a woman, Touba, living through the rapidly changing political environment of 20th century Iran Like other works of Shahrnush Parsipur, Touba and the Meaning of Night is considered by most to be a feminist work Also, like Parsipur s o [...]

  2. Ron says:
    This is a monumental book, maybe a masterpiece of Iranian fiction, but certainly a family saga of considerable dimensions that follows the lifetime of one woman, Touba, from girlhood to old age During a period of time that reaches across most of a century, she represents the traditional, sequestered world to which Iranian women have been assigned for generations With one significant difference she enters that world with the blessings of a father who believes that women are the equals to men and [...]

  3. Jenny says:
    A wonderful book I really enjoyed reading it Some parts are a little harder to get through, but others are suspenseful, fascinating, and gripping I especially liked learning about Iranian culture and history, both of which I really knew nothing about before reading this book I feel like I ve broadened my horizons a little bit by understanding about what happened in Iran between the end of the 19th century and the Islamic Revolution My favorite parts of the story itself were the love story betwe [...]

  4. Gravity says:
    As the events this past month unfolded, our aggregated American heads swiveled towards Iran, looking at it with greater interest than since the 1980s Who is this Iran, center of the Axis of evil, run by a midget Holocaust denier, and populated with beautiful and politically engaged students Iran s history seems like it has been a long tug between its rich, cultural Persian history and religious fundamentalism with some US puppet governments thrown in for good measure I m not sure why, but I ve a [...]

  5. woman on a hot tin moon says:
    What intrigued me most in this novel is its relationship to magic realism In Touba and the meaning of Night what we call magic is deeply rooted in religion although disregarding the magical twists that were borrowed from pre Islamic philosophy and skillfully woven into the narrative will be unfair to the novel in its totality Throughout the novel, I could not help but compare it with One Hundred Years of Solitude and kept thinking how magic is culturally and religiously coded One of the question [...]

  6. Rubayya says:
    I love when I read a book and leaves me wandering in its world for hours, days, weeks afterwards This book accomplished that and so much for me, intellectually and emotionally If you have any interest in Iran, mysticism, gender, or Islam, I highly recommend this book.

  7. elmira says:
    a lot of Iranian history and culture in an amazing set through eyes of a woman

  8. Lane Pybas says:
    I read Touba after reading Parsipur s wonderful novella Women Without Men The novella wove the disturbing stories of five women together with the strength of a parable, and I was hoping that Touba would also be in this vein The novel is steeped in Persian legend and lore, but the symbolism lost its force for me in the long novel format The bold little allegories that I enjoyed in Women Without Men were sort of muddied down in service of the larger plot about a matriarch whose life story mirrors [...]

  9. liz says:
    This is a very serious Iranian novel Epic One of the few novels that I ve read and wondered if I couldn t fully appreciate it because I m so unfamiliar with the cultural outlook I thought it was odd that, maybe because it was written by a woman, it seems to be regarded as a feminist work The female protagonist is sometimes strong but sometimes isn t And I do feel like the work perpetuates a large number of mysogenist practices or is it just reflecting a reality.Ismael grew curious about the sour [...]

  10. Nancy says:
    A bestseller from the time of it s release in Iran, this amazing book has finally been translated into English for Western readers to sink their teeth into Historical, mythical, and with long, loosely connected tangents of magical realism, this book covers the life of one Iranian woman over her very long life, as well as the political, social, and religious changes during that time period Touba lives through the reigns of shahs, of British and Russian Colonialists, of the relatively brief period [...]

  11. Tina says:
    Love this book Love this author Wish they would translate of her work from Farsi to English Ms Parsipur has been compared to other magical realist authors like Gaberial Garcia Marquez The symbolism and allegory are interesting for me especially because I was raised in the US with a disconnect to Iran Not having studied our history, literature or mythology till now, this book was a great introduction to various ideas I ve never been exposed to A book I ll def need to read a multiple times to con [...]

  12. Katerina says:
    The book tells the life story of a woman and covers both Qajar and Pahlavi periods It was interesting to read about political and social changes and how they were changing people and influencing the woman s destiny I enjoyed reading about the woman s personal life as in this book the woman s character is quite different from what you usually see in Iranian books she is active, decisive and independent as much as it was possible in those times.It was also quite entertaining to see the reaction of [...]

  13. MelanieHilliard says:
    This book is part of my quest to read non western literature and what better place to travel than Iran Recognizing that I live a completely different experience, especially in the world of women s rights, what was most disappointing about Touba as a character is that she starts out so strong and in opposition to doing as society dictates And yet she grows into an old woman seeped in tradition that proves irrelevant in the new world she finds herself in Realistic future for many an average citiz [...]

  14. Flynn says:
    Islamic literature A fictional biography of a woman named Touba, and her struggle to survive successively exploitative relation ships in a patriarchal religious culture wracked by cataclysmic political transformations, Touba and the Meaning of Night is a feminist tour de force that stands among the classics of twentieth century Middle Eastern literature We can t recommend Touba highly Tikkun

  15. Genevieve says:
    From Dad a novel spanning the history of Persia Iran from before WWI through the eyes of an Iranian woman It is an intriguing, sometimes very dramatic, saga that takes you deep into Persian culture Parsipur must be the Persian balzac

  16. Pavement Poet says:
    I loved the character of Touba Her entire life depicts the journey of politics in Iran I found it a very difficult read, very dense and full of realistic surrealism.

  17. Zebardast Zebardast says:
    cheghadr zamane chape in ketab darbarash tabligh shod.hamoon moghe khoondam va aslanam khosham naioomad

  18. Marilyn says:
    This book is the occasionally surreal story of a woman, Touba, from the end of the 19th century through the Islamic revolution in Iran We see how culture has inoculated Touba so that it is very difficult for her to grasp change in any way As a young woman she seemed modern at times, but things changed around her with the Iranian cultural revolution I found this book very interesting because most of it is from Touba s point of view as a woman of her time Still, it took me a while to read.

  19. Michelle S says:
    I couldn t get through the book I think part of it is my lack of historical context, but it was just slow moving and I was not engaged enough to be motivated to finish it.

  20. Skip says:
    This is an author for those interested is seeing what other cultures than their own, look like I highly recommend this book to those seeking knowledge of others and other s culture.

  21. Sarah Phelan says:
    An epic story of Iran s modern history as told through the eyes of a learned, soul seeking woman who eventually becomes trapped by the things and people she must care for Occasionally overwhelming in scope, the story overlays the political changes from the days of the Qajar dynasty all the way to the Islamic revolution of the 70s and is demonstrated through the changing nature of the residents of Touba s home There is magical realism reminiscent of A Thousand and One Nights, and there were many [...]

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