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There's a Hair in My Dirt!: A Worm's Story

There s a Hair in My Dirt A Worm s Story Once upon a time in a place far away lived a man named Gary Larson who used to draw cartoons It was a cartoon that appeared for many years in daily newspapers and was loved by millions And was confu

Once upon a time, in a place far away, lived a man named Gary Larson who used to draw cartoons It was a cartoon that appeared for many years in daily newspapers and was loved by millions And was confusing to millions But one day he stopped.Gary went into hiding He made a couple of short films He played his guitar He threw sticks for his dogs They threw some bOnce upon a time, in a place far away, lived a man named Gary Larson who used to draw cartoons It was a cartoon that appeared for many years in daily newspapers and was loved by millions And was confusing to millions But one day he stopped.Gary went into hiding He made a couple of short films He played his guitar He threw sticks for his dogs They threw some back.Yet Gary was restless He couldn t sleep nights Something haunted him Besides Gramps Something that would return him to his roots in biology, drawing and dementia a tale called There s a Hair in My Dirt A Worm s Story.It begins a few inches underground, when a young worm, during a typical family dinner, discovers there s a hair in his plate of dirt He becomes rather upset, not just about his tainted meal but about his entire miserable, wormy life This, in turn, spurs his father to tell him a story a story to inspire the children of invertebrates everywhere

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  1. Gary Larson says:
    Gary Larson was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington His parents were Vern, a car salesman, and Doris, a secretary He attended Curtis High School before attending Washington State University and graduated in 1972 with a degree in communications In 1987, Larson married Toni Carmichael, an archaeologist.Larson credits his older brother Dan for his paranoid sense of humor Dan would pull countless pranks on Gary, taking advantage of his phobia of monsters under the bed by, for example, waiting in the closet for the right moment to pounce out at Gary Dan is also credited with giving Gary his love of science They caught animals in Puget Sound and placed them in terrariums in the basement even making a small desert ecosystem, which their parents apparently did not mind His adept use of snakes in his cartoons stems from his long standing interest in herpetology.Since retiring from the Far Side, Larson has occasionally done some cartooning work, such as magazine illustrations and promotional artwork for Far Side merchandise.In 1998, Larson published his first post Far Side book, There s a Hair in My Dirt A Worm s Story, an illustrated story with the unmistakable Far Side mindset.

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  1. Melki says:
    You know how it is when your dad tells a story It always ends the same way.Somebody does something, and then they DIE Here, one unhappy worm gets the lecture of his life from his father when the youngster dares to complain about the long yellow hair in his dirt.Once upon a time, goes the tale, nature loving Harriet leaves her cottage for a stroll While appreciating the surrounding beauty, she manages to interfere in the natural process again and again.The story is packed with all sorts of nature [...]

  2. Nathan Sexton says:
    Please enjoy this ingeniously hilarious work of well illustrated satire by one of my favorite cartoonists of all time, none other than Gary Larson And remember don t mess around with nature

  3. Christopher Hicks says:
    This was a fun little book about the effects humans have on nature as told by a father worm to his son It s from the author of The Far Side it had great illustrations and the story was hilarious.

  4. Andreas says:
    Gary Larson made a living making single panel comics striking a cord with young and adult alike, so how does he carry out a story over multiple pages Excellently, as a matter of fact The best description is a children s book showing a lady walking through the woods commenting on how awful reality is and the father worm talking about why it s necessary for it to happen for nature to keep balance At the same time the entire thing is hilarious The story i mocking the Be kind to everything living id [...]

  5. J says:
    I found this short graphic story so sarcastic and hilarious The art was rather good, too It looked childish, but it really wasn t The language and content is too advanced for children.

  6. Raf says:
    One evening a family of worms sits down to have a lovely dinner of dirt when the son worm realizes there is a hair in his dinner and that being a worm is dreadful He complains about the fact that all he eats is dirt and being a worm is reduced to living underground and not being able to do the things other animals get to do Father worm gets upset and tries to set the son worm straight by telling him of a fable of mother nature Throughout the fable, father worm makes the son realize that mother n [...]

  7. SmarterLilac says:
    I had no idea Gary Larson s genius had produced a children s book Well, actually, I wouldn t call this a book for children Kids on the young side of pre teen, maybe It s a meditation on the cycle of life, including the revelation that in the end, we will all be wormfood.

  8. Cheryl says:
    Adult humor in a picture book format by Gary Larson of The Far Side Gallery I couldn t help laughing at this twisted but hilarious story Since I chose it solely based on the title I was looking for picture books with worms , this was quite an unexpected surprise A great example of picture books that are really for adults, not the little ones.As funny as I found this book, it is definitely not a book I d recommend for classrooms or children s sections of libraries since having a child go around r [...]

  9. Joshua McPhill says:
    HAHAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS BOOK this was a very funny book with lots of pictures, I Like Pictures and the author made the book a childish adult book, which was very interesting The pictures in the book were so funny they had me laughing for hours, even though the pages had a few sentences on, each page and everytime I open the book I still do laugh One thing I liked was that the reader had to look for little things on the pages, and the book was filled with hillarious pictures that were tiny details [...]

  10. Jake says:
    this is one of the funniest books I have ever read I would recomend this to anybody over the age of 10, or anybody who likes to laugh The author has a clever way of writing the story, and the Illustrator is a very good drawer He should definatley try out to be a comedian or a artist Or both but anyways I like how they author clearly flowed the story and made it funny at the same time And how making it funny didnt screw up writing the story The next time Gary Larson author comes out with another [...]

  11. Pj says:
    This book is terrific for adults Grown ups can get out of it than kids I particularly love it when the blond girl feeds a gray squirrel and the book tells us that grey squirrels are a mean bunch that bully the native red squirrel The picture shows a grey holding out an acorn in an open palm as a peace offering while surrounded by reds who are smoking cigarrettes and wearing shirts that say I kicked Thumper s ass It s a hoot

  12. Erin says:
    Intriguingly illustrated and playfully written, this book captured my attention Though short, it manages to make an important point about the necessity of understanding our environment, while avoiding becoming heavy handed with this emphasis The plot of the story is humorous, from the style of the illustrations to the intentionally ironic ending I won t give it away here A quick, but interesting read, I would recommend this book to anyone seeking a brief, yet thought provoking read.

  13. Pam says:
    A wonderful book recommended to me by Amy A young worm becomes grossed out when he finds a hair in his dinner Meanwhile, poor clueless Harriet is observed wandering around in the woods She Loves Nature, but she just doesn t understand how it works Daddy worm explains biological processes to his son, and we learn all about survival of the fittest, among other nature facts.Clueless Harriet remains remain in the woods.

  14. Heather says:
    This one is written by the Far Side guy Gary Larson and it s just as hilarious It s a fun and yet disturbing look on how us humans at times take for granted the world we live in.A little worm complains about hair in his dirt and his dad and mom tell him all about the way the world isd there s a twist at the end Truly humorous and yet dead on

  15. Keith says:
    As long as I am adding worm books This is one of my favorites I read it to my 9th grade Earth Systems students too My 4 year old loves it and my daughters think it is funny It has a lot of good points and environmental issues in it Don t forget that Gary Larsen The Far Side author is an Entomologyst sp bug scientist at heart

  16. Valleri says:
    Packaged like a juvenile fiction book but well beyond the scope of children, this book was a quick read and an educational one at that I don t think I ve read a disgusting book about worms but this one takes the cakehair and all Blegh

  17. Art says:
    My fellow science teacher at Hebron Middle School gave this to me to read.Hilarious, and interesting.Worms are important to the growth and condition of our soil.I found it to renew my interest in life in the soil.Great for any science class.

  18. Paige says:
    His usual twisted view of the world Not a children s book, but I have my 9th graders read it every year to introduce Ecology.

  19. Rachel says:
    laughs Now I know why Sarah Blackstone was traumatized after her dad read this to her as a kid It s pure black humor I mean, it ends with Harriet dying It s amazing XD

  20. Chris says:
    I was unaware that Gary Larson had written a standalone book like this I was always a fan of his comic single strip Far Side when I was young I liked the smart dumb humor with a bend toward the scientific This is very similar in style, not just the illustration, which is classic Gary Larson with probably a little detail added , but the writing matches also I hesitate to call this a children s book, though I did read it to my children, because some parents might be scared to teach some of these [...]

  21. Mindy says:
    Our 5th grader picked this up in the children s section of the library and our 1st grader and preschooler have been begging to read it THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR small CHILDREN There are mild swear words slight sexual innuendo We stopped reading part way through, and sent the kids to bed That said, the hubby is finishing the book chuckling My rating comes from a mother s point of view whose kid picked this up in the children s section.

  22. Peacegal says:
    Here s the adult equivalent of DIARY OF A WORM As another reviewer commented, THERE S A HAIR IN MY DIRT is essentially one joke stretched extra long a vapid human misunderstands the natural world around her, causing disaster after disaster until her eventual early demise Although it s presented in picture book format, this one is decidedly not for the Golden Books set However, older kids and adults will get a laugh, especially at the final page

  23. katie says:
    I bought this for my daughter for her 6th birthday, thinking that it would be a fun children s book She and her brother fell asleep halfway through reading it, but I WAS CRACKING UP THE ENTIRE TIME

  24. David says:
    Life, death, ecology, romance, humour, family life, as told by Gary Larsonwhat could anyone want in a kids book

  25. Jennifer Kaser says:
    LOL Typical humor and wonderful illustrations of this author Kind of dark for use in a classroom but funny if you have any ecology background at all.

  26. Kathleen says:
    Short, fun, with a surprisingly intelligent moral about the environment, ecosystems, and the morality of nature.

  27. Meggie Donovan says:
    I ve used this book for the last 4 years when teaching environmental science to various ages I added it to my collection shortly after I read it the first time Importantly, this vibrant book hits home the message that everything in nature is both connected and often complex and sophisticated than humans give it credit for Sometimes it s best for us to not interfere and to just let nature do it s thing Gary Larson communicates this message through the use of witty prose and fantastic detailed dr [...]

  28. Aoife Martin says:
    I started reading this to my kids and then realised it may not have been entirely suitable I kept going anyway and really enjoyed it As you d expect from Larson it has a macabre streak running through it and the illustrations are superbly funny The overall message that s it s better to understand nature than just enjoy it is one worth savouring.

  29. Sue Edwards says:
    Don t be fooled by the cover This may look like a picture book but it is not for the picture book crowd Who is it for Tweens up.Little Worm pitches a fit when he finds a hair in his dirt because the dirt is, after all, his dinner He s had it Worms are the lowest of the low They eat dirt morning, noon, and night And he s had it.Father Worm is sure that Little Worm will change his mind if he will just listen to Father s story What appears to be a long, ramgling yarn is actually a story about the i [...]

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