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Serseri (Shifters #1)

Serseri Shifters ATE L D VE KED BUFFY LE KED KIZ IN BULU MASINA HAZIR MISINIZ Tepeden t rna a Amerikal bir y ksek lisans rencisi gibi g r n yorum Ama ben kedi adam soyundan m isteyince kocaman bir kediye d n ebiliyo

ATE L , D VE KED BUFFY LE KED KIZ IN BULU MASINA HAZIR MISINIZ Tepeden t rna a Amerikal bir y ksek lisans rencisi gibi g r n yorum Ama ben kedi adam soyundan m isteyince kocaman bir kediye d n ebiliyorum ki farkl d nyam var.Ailem ve Gurur s r m benim i in planlar yapt ysa da, t r m n devam n getirmem ad na yap lan b t n bu bask lardan ka t m ve kendime noATE L , D VE KED BUFFY LE KED KIZ IN BULU MASINA HAZIR MISINIZ Tepeden t rna a Amerikal bir y ksek lisans rencisi gibi g r n yorum Ama ben kedi adam soyundan m isteyince kocaman bir kediye d n ebiliyorum ki farkl d nyam var.Ailem ve Gurur s r m benim i in planlar yapt ysa da, t r m n devam n getirmem ad na yap lan b t n bu bask lardan ka t m ve kendime normal bir hayat kurdum Ta ki o Serseri nin sald rd geceye kadar.Serseriler hakk nda uyar lm t m bunlar, devaml benim gibi ekici, di i ve do urgan kediler arayan, Gurur s r lerine ba l olmayan kedi adamlard Ben kar ma kanla ba edebilmi tim, ama sonradan iki bek r hemcinsimin ortadan kayboldu unu rendim.Gurur s r m n beni geri a rmas i in bu tehlike sinyali yeterliydi G ya bu kendi g venli im i indi Ya, tabii Ama ben uysal bir yavru kedi de ilim Arkada lar m bulmak i in kar ma her ne ya da her kim karsa ks n stesinden gelece im Kollay n kendinizi, Serseriler nk keskin pen elerim var ve onlar kullanmaktan ekinmem.

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    215 Rachel Vincent

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  1. Rachel Vincent says:
    Note Though Rachel s blog entries are cross posted here, she does not frequent The best ways to contact her are FB, Twitter, or her Wordpress blog PLEASE DO NOT SEND HER MESSAGES HERE SHE DOES NOT CHECK THEM A resident of Oklahoma, Rachel Vincent has a BA in English and an overactive imagination, and consistently finds the latter to be practical She shares her workspace with two black cats Kaci and Nyx and her 1 fan Rachel is older than she looks seriously and younger than she feels, but remains convinced that for every day she spends writing, one day will be added to her lifespan.

Comment 167 on “Serseri (Shifters #1)

  1. Shannon says:
    I had a really difficult time with this book I went back and forth from really liking it and then really hating it In the beginning I could sympathize with Faythe nobody wants their life decided for them But as you start to learn exactly what she s running from responsibility and family obligation the sympathy turns to annoyance Faythe is one of the few female werecats in the United States For some reason females are very rare, although it s never really explained why Faythe wants to go to colle [...]

  2. Galla says:
    cuing guitar riff for musical review MARC JACE Well we guess it would be niceIf we could lick your cat fur Cause you can make a tom purrNo hotter furry than you.JACE But I ve got to think twice Before Marc beats me til I dieThat shit hurts I ain t gonna lieMaybe a kiss or twoFAYTHE Oh, but I need some time offTo go to grad schoolI ll read some books and send my dad the bill.And when the mean EnforcersDrag my ass home, yeahI ll forget about my boyfriend,And get all up in your grill Cause I gotta [...]

  3. Navessa says:
    I m Too Stupid to Live and So Can You A Checklist, By FaytheWhen sensing a threat to your person, I find it s best to do the following 1 Get rid of any potential witnesses If you re about to get your ass kicked they could double as rescuers and how can you expect to get kidnapped or die a grizzly death with that type of pesky interference 2 Forget calling for backup Who wants to be told to do boring things like Stay in a well lit area or Get inside and lock the doors 3 Find the darkest alley pos [...]

  4. Jessica says:
    This is me being excited about Stray I guess you get the picture.Alright, let s seewhat s to say about this book For starters I didn t even finish it I stopped at page 340 of 618 I think I gave it a fair chance, didn t I Our heroine in this story is a 23 year old werecat named Faythe Werecats are basically organized like wolves, they re living together in packs with an Alpha as its leader and they look like panthers No wait They can t look like panthers because there is no such thing as panthers [...]

  5. Kat Kennedy says:
    When I put this book onto my TBR list, I was immediately asked to confirm suspicions that Faythe was a horrible name It s true So very, very true Especially when her first name is a perfectly respectable Katherine or some such derivative spelling This book is a lot like her name It s a horrible bastardization of an otherwise sound concept Faith is a perfectly acceptable name apart from the Pavlovian upchuck reflex it gives me when it reminds me of Faith from Buffy and Angel.The concept is of an [...]

  6. Jacqueline says:
    June 12, 2016Yup still 5 5 stars duh but Rogue here I come Feb 11, 20165 5 starsY all I don t even know how to express how much I enjoyed this damn book.Already ordered the rest of the books in the series

  7. Emily May says:
    There are a good many reasons why this book was lucky to get 4 stars from me, but also equally as many reasons why it could have possibly got I ll start at the beginning by explaining the general plot So Faythe Sanders is a werecat in a world where female werecats are rarities and also highly protected by the males in an often teeth grindingly annoying fashion but of that in a bit after 5 years at college, she is summoned back home in a bid to keep her safe from a wild, tabby killing stray and [...]

  8. Samantha says:
    I finished this book in one sitting I could not put it down I grew up reading urban fantasy and this felt so nostalgic to me I loved our sassy main character and the witty banter between all of the characters There were parts of the plot that were a little predictable, but I was okay with that and found it as of a comfort I adore urban fantasy and am so happy to have rediscovered the genre with this series.

  9. di says:
    This book is Bitten but with werecats Yes, werecats In fact it has almost exactly the same premise as Kelley Armstrong s bookGirl flees uber intense were family to live alone in the real world Yet, despite her best efforts to lead a normal life she never truly feels like herself Girl is forced literally to return home to a house full of domineering male were creatures Were females are slim pickings so, of course, all the males fight over her And there is this one super intense alpha maleher ex S [...]

  10. Stacia (the 2010 club) says:
    Had to redo this review after reading my original review from last year and finding it to be pretty crappy and non informative.Stray is the start of a fun, action packed series featuring a very kick butt heroine and a yummy love triangle The female lead can hang with the boys and pretty much does, since there aren t many females hanging out at their compound Faythe can fight like a man, and has the balls of a man when it comes to bravery She has her stupid and selfish moments, but I also feel li [...]

  11. Anzu The Great Destroyer says:
    Warning Review might contain minor spoilers Read at your own risk.I have to admit that I wasn t happy about starting this book because of that horrid cover I don t know what it means to represent Surprise buttsecs Hos r us Bad tattoos stay with you forever I don t know Horrible cover is horrible.What made me go ahead and buy this thing is the fact that than half of my friend list gave it either 5 or 4 stars Well hello mister popularity I guess we ended up reading different books because I sure [...]

  12. Jennifer says:
    Really good Ended nicely although the whole series is out and in my hands so a cliffhanger doesn t bother me now anyway I love Faythe and Marc I hope they aren t gonna be on again off again through the whole series.

  13. Penny says:
    DNF I had only 1 hour and 25 minutes left of the audiobook when I decided I wasn t curious enough to care about the resolution of the plot, so I quit After a few hours of listening I started to lose interest in the book since the storyline was very predictable, the book had way too much unnecessary information and there were mayor issues with the main character and the foundation of the story Faythe The female main character I don t believe her character was well form and that affected the way h [...]

  14. AH says:
    Before I began reading paranormal and urban fantasy books, I didn t really know about the variety of were worlds out there I m glad to have discovered them Stray is the story of a Pride of werecats The werecats are led by Faythe s father, in a kind of mafia like arrangement of leadership and enforcers There are very few female werecats of breeding age most of the werecats are male In Stray, someone is kidnapping the tabbies female werecats and our heroine Faythe Sanders becomes a victim.Faythe i [...]

  15. Sarai says:
    Well I have to admit I couldn t finish it It was so long that I finally gave up I was tired of hearing about poor me I need my independence and I will do anything to get it including risking the lives of my friends and family And don t think for a second that I will see the error of my ways or compromise AND MY GOD this book was long way longer then it needed to be so this is a no Maybe next time she could cut it in half I did like how she described the shifting but she didn t get the cat mental [...]

  16. FlibBityFLooB says:
    Re read in 2010 Still loved the book If anything, re reading made me like the character of Jace even I stayed up all night reading this book It got to be too exciting and I had to know how the main character would get out of the situation she was in.I will say that I liked the secondary love interest better than the main one I don t know if the next book in the series features the same characters, but if it does, I will cheer him on Go Jace

  17. Ezinwanyi says:
    liked this one Faythe is a cat shifter wanting some autonomy from her pride She tries to live among humans until a crisis forces her home Faythe has to deal with who she is, who she wants to be and who she can be in the future A good book 1 so I went ahead and bought book 2.

  18. Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:
    What was that book where there s a rare female animal shifter, who has a hottie guy shifter practically obsessed with her who is convinced she ll eventually say yes to him and going all moody on her who lives with a bunch of other guy shifters in a pack, who enforce shifter laws in their area and who aren t to be crossed with who gets kidnapped because of who she is and locked in a cage, and who throws a mean punch Yeah, exactly It s Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and the sequel, Stolen, for the loc [...]

  19. Leah says:
    Stray is the first book in Rachel Vincent s Shifters series It is about a werecat named Faythe Sanders and her struggle to accept life in the Pride She wants nothing than to escape and have her freedom, from her father, from her responsibilities to the Pride, from Marc However, when one of her fellow tabbies, Sara, is kidnapped, one of her father s enforcers come to college and take her home When she gets there, she is faced with all the things she wanted to leave behind After a few days, her c [...]

  20. Sarah says:
    1st Read February 20102nd Read July 2015Original ReviewStray is a fantastic start to the Shifters series I m really looking forward to reading the rest of the books Faythe is one of only 8 unmarried female werecats in America which makes her a very important member of her Pride Her family are very keen to see her settled married so she can start producing the next generation of werecats but this is the last thing Faythe wants to do She is very independent and determined to have a life of her own [...]

  21. Misty says:
    Honestly, I was disappointed in this one First of all, it s SO EFFING LONG It doesn t look like it because the pages are super thin damn you, marketing ploys shakes fist , but it tops 600 pages Very few authors can sustain a book that long well enough to keep me fully invested In fact, only 1 comes readily to mind, where I didn t feel anything should have been cut, it was perfect as it was Stray needed some serious trimming with a sharp pair of editing shears For real There was so much info dump [...]

  22. I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( says:
    I really liked this book I was a little nervous about reading it because it is so long and I have seen such mixed reviews about the series Well, let me put it to you this way it is 600 pages and I read it in 2 nights Faythe is the daughter of an Alpha who is also the lead Alpha for all the US werecat territories She is also one of only 8 unmated tabbies or females in the US Of course, she is very valuable as there are probably hundreds of unmated males to their one Faythe has 2 potential love in [...]

  23. Pam Nelson says:
    4 Stray Stars This was a reread, I only read the first book before and its had been so long that it felt like the first time I really enjoyed this shifter book I am used to wolves and what not being the main kind of shifter s so when reading about cat shifter I was pretty intrigued Faythe, has some back bone boy I tell you I love that she is a strong female from the get go She has a few males interested in her Mark her first, is now back in the picture But also Jase I like em both A lot of actio [...]

  24. Cyna says:
    I ve had Stray on my shelf for like half a goddamn decade waiting to be read, but I still knew almost nothing about the series going in except that it had pretty covers, and was apparently popular enough to spawn like a bajillion sequels Now, having given up exactly 163 pages in to the first book, I can t help but wonder why NOBODY HAS EVER WARNED ME ABOUT HOW FUCK OFF AWFUL THIS SERIES ISRIOUSLY HOW IS THIS BOOK NOT, LIKE, SAVE THE PEARLS ESQUE INFAMOUS This is some of the most racist ass world [...]

  25. Sarah says:
    I think this is the fourth time I ve read this book and I still love it I love Faythe, I love Marc, and I also love Jace Faythe does have her moments when she really shouldn t be arguing or negotiating and thinking instead, but she s still such a great character.The storyline in this is really good It can be a little slow in places, but most of the time there s action and sexual tension So good

  26. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* says:
    3.5When I dig into Urban Fantasy, I prefer shapeshifters to be part of the background, blending in, doing their thing to propel the plot while other supes shine as the star players I rarely invest in series which focus on shapeshifters as the mains just not my thing although Kate Daniels has proven to be a nice exception This book is pure shapeshifter material instead of werewolves, you have werepanthers, and there s no other supe in sight Still, the back blurb promised an entertaining story tha [...]

  27. Natasha says:
    Stray is the first installment in the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent.Stray is an urban fantasy shape shifter romance, which are two of my favorite genres It s told in the first person With a first person narrative that is wonderfully written and make us really feel for the characters Vincent s debut is fast paced and highly addictive Faythe is you typical graduate student in many ways, except onee s a werecat Faythe is a kick ass heroine Her father the Alpha of the Southwest territory taught [...]

  28. Maria Angelica says:
    2.5 Eu fui de l para c na minha opini o desse livro e resolvi parar bem no meio Meu maior problema com ele era a pr pria protagonista Eu n o gostei da Faythe Achei ela irritante, abrasiva, impulsiva e burra mesmo sendo inteligente de acordo com a autora, claro O processo de tomada de decis o dela n o fez absolutamente nenhum sentido para mim Toda vez que eu achava que ela aprenderia uma li o, ela fazia algo est pido de novo Enfim, aconteceu a pior coisa que poderia a acontecer quando se l um liv [...]

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