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Margret And H.A. Rey's Merry Christmas, Curious George

Margret And H A Rey s Merry Christmas Curious George It s Christmastime And irrepressible excitable Curious George has just the spirit for it He can t wait to help his best friend The Man with the Yellow Hat pick out their holiday tree At the tree fa

It s Christmastime And irrepressible, excitable Curious George has just the spirit for it He can t wait to help his best friend, The Man with the Yellow Hat, pick out their holiday tree At the tree farm, however, amid all the excitement of finding the perfect specimen, George gets carried away, as usual atop his favorite tree Hiding in the tree s branches, George fiIt s Christmastime And irrepressible, excitable Curious George has just the spirit for it He can t wait to help his best friend, The Man with the Yellow Hat, pick out their holiday tree At the tree farm, however, amid all the excitement of finding the perfect specimen, George gets carried away, as usual atop his favorite tree Hiding in the tree s branches, George finds himself delivered to the local children s hospital, where his tree trimming antics cheer the children and he gets to meet a jolly man in a bright red suit.

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    318 Margret Rey H.A. Rey Catherine Hapka Mary O'Keefe Young

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  1. Margret Rey H.A. Rey Catherine Hapka Mary O'Keefe Young says:
    Margret Elizabeth Rey May 16, 1906 December 21, 1996 , born Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein, was with her husband H A Rey , the co author and illustrator of children s books, best known for their Curious GeorgeAlthough she was born in Germany, she fled to Brazil early in her life to escape Nazism While there, she met her future husband Hans who was a salesman and also from Germany They married in 1935 and moved to Paris, France that same year.While in Paris, Hans s animal drawings came to the attention of French publisher, who commissioned him to write a children s book The result, Rafi and the Nine Monkeys, is little remembered today, but one of its characters, an adorably impish monkey named Curious George, was such a success that the couple considered writing a book just about him Their work was interrupted with the outbreak of World War II As Jews, the Reys decided to flee Paris before the Nazis seized the city Hans built two bicycles, and they fled Paris just a few hours before it fell Among the meager possessions they brought with them was the illustrated manuscript of Curious George.The Reys odyssey brought them to the Spanish border, where they bought train tickets to Lisbon From there they returned to Brazil, where they had met five years earlier, but this time they continued to New York, New York The books were published by Houghton Mifflin in 1941, though certain changes had to be introduced because of the technology of the time Hans and Margret originally planned to use watercolors to illustrate the books, but since they were responsible for the color separation, he changed these to the cartoon like images that continue to feature in each of the books A collector s edition with the original watercolors was recently released Curious George was an instant success, and the Reys were commissioned to write adventures of the mischievous monkey and his friend, the Man in the Yellow Hat They wrote seven stories in all, with Hans mainly doing the illustrations and Margret working mostly on the stories, though they both admitted to sharing the work and cooperating fully in every stage of development At first, however, Margret s name was left off the cover, ostensibly because there was a glut of women already writing children s fiction In later editions, this was corrected, and Margret now receives full credit for her role in developing the stories.Margret and her husband moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1963, in a house close to Harvard Square Following her husband s death in 1977, Margret continued writing, and in 1979, became a Professor of Creative Writing at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts Starting in 1980, she also began to collaborate with Alan Shalleck on a series of short films featuring Curious George and than two dozen additional books.In 1989 Margret Rey established the Curious George Foundation to help creative children and prevent cruelty to animals In 1996, she made major donations to the Boston Public Library and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center She was also a long time supporter of the Longy School of Music The Reys spent twenty summers in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, to enable H.A Rey to better observe the stars for his astronomy writing They became an integral part of the Waterville community and their legacy is honored by The Margret and H.A Rey Center and the Curious George Cottage located there.Dr Lena Y de Grummond, a professor in the field of library science specializing in children s literature at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Miss contacted the Reys in 1966 about the university s new children s literature collection H.A and Margret made a donation of a pair of sketches at the time In 1996, after Margret s death, it was revealed in her will that the entire literary estate of the Reys were to be donated to the de Grummond Children s Literature Collection at Southern Miss.

Comment 922 on “Margret And H.A. Rey's Merry Christmas, Curious George

  1. Miriam says:
    The Man in the Yellow Hat takes George to a Christmas tree farm The Christmas tree farm had trees than George had ever seen Um, isn t Curious George from the jungle where there are many trees Anyway, of course George gets lost and ends up being taken accidentally to the Children s Hospital You know, George ends up at hospitals in a lot of these books, doesn t he This isn t written by the original author and doesn t have the sparkle of the real CG books, but it is cute and seasonal and my niece [...]

  2. Sylvester says:
    4 art2.5 storyThis book gets points with Squirt mostly because 1 He loves Curious George So much so that he tells me Be a good little monkey when I put him down for his nap 2 He loves everything about Chripmas So much so that he tells me Merry Chripmas, Mommy every time he thinks of it which is often Otherwise, I can t say it s the best of his books But does that matter No Curious George is an old and trusted friend.

  3. Laurel says:
    I mean you can t really go wrong with Curious George

  4. Jane says:
    In Merry Christmas, Curious George he is up to his usual tricks and escapes from the man in the big yellow hat while picking out a Christmas tree He visits a hospital and spreads joy and in they end the have a Merry Christmas This is a great holiday story to teach children to share Christmas with others.

  5. Courtney says:
    Too cute while also being highly improbable Who wouldn t like monkey to make them feel better I, personally, who like a stuffed one when I am not feeling well, but a real one I would have to pass on Curious George is a very interesting little monkey to say the least He likes to see how things tick and what makes them work What was so cute about Merry Christmas Curious George is that this particular monkey ends up at the hospital bringing happiness to all of the sick little children who needed it [...]

  6. Jennifer says:
    This is a cute Christmas read for fans of Curious George It s pretty formulaic George and the Man in the Yellow Hat go to a Christmas tree farm Of course, George climbs the tallest tree and gets whisked off to an adventure The tree is taken to a children s hospital George finds plenty of mischief to get into and ends up decorating the tree with items he borrowed from the patient rooms The Man in the Yellow Hat eventually arrives saying he followed the truck to the hospital A little unbelievable [...]

  7. Suzie says:
    This is the second Curious George book I ve read The character is so cute, yet I just can t get into the appeal of these books.

  8. Jovan Trujillo says:
    I want to see This is the second book I ve read my 2 year old and he want s What else can I say

  9. Nicole Schwartz says:
    I don t think I will ever get tired of George

  10. Margaret says:
    George is a familiar lovable monkey and this is cute and sweet I d read it to K 2 or 3 at my school in December for a fun read.

  11. Lisa R. says:
    My kids read this in the car yesterday on their kindles, I cannot take credit.

  12. Drew Graham says:
    Curious George is a good little monkey, but always very curious, and when his curiosity gets the better of him at a Christmas tree farm, you never know where he s going to end up.I thought this book was cute and fun and festive, but the real connoisseur at 2.5 really loved it Unsurprising for our resident CG fan, he wanted to go back to it at least four times the first day we read it, and it s been a favorite all throughout this Christmastime That George, always making a mess of things and getti [...]

  13. babyhippoface says:
    Margret and H.A Rey s inquisitive little monkey is given new life in Cathy Hapka s addition to the Curious George collection On a visit to a Christmas tree farm, George gets separated from the Man in the Yellow Hat and is inadvertently delivered to a children s hospital, where he wreaks a little havoc and decorates the tree with x rays, crutches, and lollipops meant for patients Hapka s story is reminiscent of the Reys decades old tales, andYoung s illustrations are dead ringers for the original [...]

  14. Dolly says:
    I loved reading Curious George books when I was a child, but for some reason our girls never really took to this funny monkey I had no idea how many books were out there in this series, but occasionally I ll pick one up to read on my own This is a sweet Christmas themed tale about George sharing some Christmas fun with children in a hospital The narrative is short and entertaining and the illustrations hold true to the original tales I read an ebook version of this story on my iPad.

  15. Dexter says:
    A very sweet Curious George story that, despite not being written or illustrated by the Reys, is pretty well done Especially the art It s mostly the great art that makes me love it, because it brings up so much nostalgia in me.I mean, the story itself isn t the best George normally has to offer But he s cute and sweet and fun loving and, of course, curious And really, what do you need from Curious George

  16. Audeena says:
    Genre Copyright Date 2006I brought a bag of Christmas Winter books with me to class and I let the students pick out a book or two to read each day This book was picked today and the kids loved it I was unsure if they knew who Curious George was as he is not as popular as he once was It didn t matter, they still loved the book and loved George because as one student said He s a Monkey giggle giggle.

  17. Little John says:
    Good Ehn, it was pretty good, anyway My favourite part was when George helped re decorate the Christmas tree at the end We got this from the digital library, and the formatting was very odd each page was duplicated in small format With tiny print as part of the picture , then a larger zoom of the pic, and finally the words were retyped It made for a confusing read with page turning than was necessary.

  18. Kristen says:
    This is such a cute story Curious George is always a favorite for kids because he s a monkey that gets in to trouble I loved when he ended up at the children s hospital and ended up cheering them up I think it s a cute story for kids and indirectly shows how they can help others who aren t as fortunate or are sick in the hospital This will definitely be one we read every Christmas.

  19. Alyn says:
    George goes out to buy a Christmas tree with the man in the yellow hat and ends up in a tree bound for the children s hospital George decides that he will help decorate the tree with things he found in the hospital As usual someone doesn t like what George has done but the children come to the rescue.

  20. Ashley Fortson says:
    In this book, George was very curious and climbed to the top of a tree in the field Two men cut it down and did not notice George was on it They took the tree to a hospital and George decorated the tree and made a mess A nurse found his and was very upset but the kids loved it and wanted George to stay for their Christmas party.

  21. Maria says:
    Picture BookCurious George gets in a Christmas tree that s taken to the hospital where he tries to make things festive He ends up making all the sad children happy and the man with the yellow hat finds him to take him home.

  22. Liz Gibbs says:
    Silly monkey George is a creative monkey who turns some frowns upside down when he gets lost and ends up in the Children s Hospital I ve read this at least once before It s not one of my favorites but it s not bad.

  23. Kimberly says:
    I loved the Christmas installment of this classic series George s antics are always sure to delight my daughter She loved to see what silliness he will get into next I think that this has been her favorite Christmas book we ve read together this season.

  24. Brittney says:
    Curious George sets out on an adventure to find a Christmas tree Due to George s curiosity, he ends up in a different situation This would be a great holiday book to read to a classroom right before winter break I think young students would enjoy this story.

  25. Denise Kettering says:
    Typically Curious George antics Not the best book in the Curious George series, but it is funny and a good seasonal reminder for kids that Christmas is not always happy for everyone, but that we can do things for others.

  26. Alyssa says:
    I like being able to get books for my daughter on my Kindle Please keep making ebook versions of all your kids books And she loved the story pictures 4 stars due to minor Kindle formatting errors at the beginning.

  27. Nicol says:
    This is cute picture book where George catches a ride on a Christmas tree and ends up at the hospital where he tries to help out with the Christmas spirit If you celebrate Christmas or are decorating a tree then this little book is for you.

  28. Kim says:
    George is in a tree when it gets cut down and taken to a local hospital where he causes mischief and makes the sick children laugh Wonderful, funny illustrationsemes Christmas, hospitals, monkeys, presents, trees

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