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A Different Flesh

A Different Flesh An extraordinary novel of an alternate America by the author of The Guns of the South Can it be called slavery if the slaves are ape men little than animals Slavery had come to this New World in a ma

An extraordinary novel of an alternate America by the author of The Guns of the South Can it be called slavery if the slaves are ape men, little than animals Slavery had come to this New World in a manner totally different from our own but when the Sims learn to speak, matters become complicated.

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  1. Harry Turtledove says:
    Dr Harry Norman Turtledove is an American novelist, who has produced a sizeable number of works in several genres including alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction.Harry Turtledove attended UCLA, where he received a Ph.D in Byzantine history in 1977.Turtledove has been dubbed The Master of Alternate History Within this genre he is known both for creating original scenarios such as survival of the Byzantine Empire an alien invasion in the middle of the World War II and for giving a fresh and original treatment to themes previously dealt with by other authors, such as the victory of the South in the American Civil War and of Nazi Germany in the Second World War His novels have been credited with bringing alternate history into the mainstream His style of alternate history has a strong military theme.

Comment 338 on “A Different Flesh

  1. Angie Boyter says:
    Reread July 2017 for my SF Group Just as good the second time around A very thoughtful and well thought out book A Different Flesh is actually a linked series of stories about an alternate history in which homo erectus survived and peopled North America Although each story stands on its own and can be enjoyed on that basis, they get increasingly sophisticated in exploring the philosophical issues involving treatment of a species that is not quite human As ever, historian Turtledove also does a w [...]

  2. Ron says:
    Outstanding alternate history In short stories Turtledove creates an alternative history populated by believable characters and events which also examine historic and current practices in our culture The titular characters are Homo Erectus like subhumans who inhabit the New World instead of the native humans actually found there The altered natural and cultural impacts are explored.Samuel Pepys is so well drawn that he was recognized, by one who d read his diary, before revealed His development [...]

  3. Bruce Nordstrom says:
    This is one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read This is not a single novel, but rather a series of short stories on a single theme That theme is a species of primates discovered in America, which are just called, Simps The first story begins with the English beginning to colonize America in the 1600 s Much to their suprise, they discover a species of ape which walks on it s two hind legs, covered with short hair, and is very gentle It looks almost human, but does not speak, and [...]

  4. John Cooley says:
    I enjoyed the book The individual stories chapters were well put together, and showed a pattern of progress over time with regard to human rights and sim homoerectus rights Slavery of blacks ended much earlier, and in a peaceful way in the book, than in our history The author implied that with another species of less intelligent humans around the differences in our races and cultures are not significant enough to allow people to justify slavery of other humans as long as occurred in our history [...]

  5. Jim says:
    I started reading it Very familiarI had read this before What hooked me again were the cavemen on the front cover I ve got a whole stack of about a dozen alternate history stories of Mr Turtledove s under a table, waiting to be dove into This one has Christopher Columbus and company finding prehistoric ancestors of humankind in the Americas, instead of the indigenous Native Americans that exist in our reality Because of their lessor hunting skills, the Americas teem with prehistoric creatures li [...]

  6. Allen McDonnell says:
    This is a collection of a series of chronological short stories set on an Earth where the Homo Erectus of East Asia colonized the Americas while Homo Sapiens were still evolving in Africa Homo Erectus remained the dominant species in the Americas until Columbus discovered the western Hemisphere The stories begin with Jamestown colony and progress through an alternative American history where Amerindians never colonized As a result the Homo Eructus hunter gatherers survive until discovery in the [...]

  7. Warren says:
    Very alternativeAs usual many twists that make you think and go hmmmm Great writing as usual Different vignettes in different periods same problems different cast of characters Very well written.

  8. Robert Gurin says:
    An interesting and thought provoking concept Story was OK I have read dozens of Turtledove s books and though the basis of the storyline was intriguing, the story was just average.

  9. Keith Bell says:
    A great premise and at first I was going to give it a lower rating but then realized it was published in 1988 so the ending was fitting for that time.

  10. Jesse Field says:
    The flickering firelight revealed the awe on Charles s face That awe was there even though he was of the third generation of sims to grow up as part of Virginia In the wild, sims used fire if they came across it, and kept it alive as best they could, but they could not start one To Charles, Kenton s simple tools conveyed a power that must have felt godlike As with The Years of Rice and Salt, an intriguing alternative history theme European colonists to America find sims, homonids one step lower [...]

  11. Dkolacinski says:
    We are people but not humanA series of short stories with the premise that homoerectus survived in the Americas, and discusses the various phases of their relationship with humans from the 17th century through the late 20th century Much to contemplate from a religious and philosophical perspective with conclusions left open ended.

  12. Chris says:
    Harry Turtledove is an author that delves into the genre of alternate histories What if this event took place instead of the historical one, etc This book collects stories set in a North America still teeming with ice age era wildlife, and the native population is not the tribes we know but instead our distant evolutionary ancestor Homo Erectus.

  13. Charles Chlipala says:
    I first became a fan of Harry Turtledove when I brought and read Guns of the South He is the master of alternative history, but his current works haven t been that great This E book reprint of one of his earlier works was a reminder of why I read his books.

  14. Brentman99 says:
    A very interesting concept are ape like men actually to be treated the same as men, or are they only suitable to be treated as slaves This was an interesting book that makes you think about how people treat people.

  15. Larry Jones says:
    What if the 1st settlers had shown up to America had found these primal brute men instead of the Indians

  16. Keith Douglas says:
    Enjoyable read Different format than I am used to reading from Harry Turtledove but non the worse for that.

  17. Ann Babcock says:
    Although someone with an anthropological mind might find the subject itself interesting its not nearly as cool as Dick s, Man in the High Castle which has a similar premis, kind of.

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