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Midnight Robber

Midnight Robber In Midnight Robber the Caribbean colonised planet of Toussaint is in the middle of a carnival Tan Tan the Robber Queen is enjoying the festival until her power corrupted father commits an unforgiva

In Midnight Robber, the Caribbean colonised planet of Toussaint is in the middle of a carnival Tan Tan, the Robber Queen, is enjoying the festival until her power corrupted father commits an unforgivable crime.

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  1. Nalo Hopkinson says:
    Nalo Hopkinson is a Jamaican born writer and editor who lives in Canada Her science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories often draw on Caribbean history and language, and its traditions of oral and written storytelling.

Comment 212 on “Midnight Robber

  1. Rick Riordan says:
    A rich and vibrant mixture of science fiction and West African Caribbean folklore, Midnight Robber tells the story of a young girl Tan Tan growing up on the world Toussaint, populated mostly by the descendants of Haitian colonists Tan Tan has a pretty good life at first Her father Antonio is the mayor of the Cockpit County Like most people in her colony, her needs are taken care of by Granny Nanny, the uber computer that controls and takes care her citizens through her Anansi Web, anticipating a [...]

  2. Bradley says:
    Great book, even if it took me a bit to flow into the creole, but right off the bat it starts and finishes with hard SF fully mixing with Anansi tale.What comes first The Anansi tale or the life of the Midnight Robber Tam Tam Who knows, we Either way, both help define and refine and divine the tale Who is the Midnight Robber She be the one to save two for every life she take She s the myth of she who punishes the wicked and help those in need She s the wronged who repays in both the good and the [...]

  3. Lindsay says:
    This book has a central issue to it without which it really can t be meaningfully discussed It is a spoiler to something that doesn t start until about 40% in the book, and frankly, had I known that this was the subject of the book I never would have picked it up I m kind of glad I did though.I would recommend you skip the remainder of this review if you don t want to read the spoiler, because I m going to proceed as if you re aware of it Sorry, I don t want to put the whole review under spoiler [...]

  4. Alexa says:
    A magical story telling style, musically told, with a plot that weaves its way through some horrific landscapes in the most uplifting way A science fiction rumination on the power of myths, on the nature of humanity, but oh such a damn fine story

  5. Ashley Nuckles says:
    Another school book this semester hahaha gotta love school Loved the Caribbean influences and hard topics she delved into but overall the story didn t appeal to me nor keep me interested

  6. Bart Everson says:
    I like science fiction I like Caribbean cultures But I ve never looked for the intersection of the two Actually, now I think about it, I have encountered lots of science fictional themes in reggae lyrics But certainly I never thought to look for a science fiction novel written from a Caribbean perspective.So that was the first thing I liked about Midnight Robber It begins on the Caribbean colonized planet of Toussaint during Carnival We read this for my book club here in New Orleans just as our [...]

  7. Allison says:
    I m not sure it s fair to mark this as abandoned when I only read a few pages in the first place Normally I wouldn t even consider that begun But I thought I should at least mention why I quit so early It s all because of the dialect in combination with the world building It usually takes some concentration to comprehend a new world, but when that world is introduced in a dialect that you can barely understand it s rough The first few pages were such hard work for me to decipher and I just don t [...]

  8. Zach says:
    An excellent example of science fiction not centered on or featuring any examples of a Europe descended culture, but rather on a planet colonized by people of the Caribbean The whole thing is written in patwah, too, which does a great job of immersing the reader in Hopkinson s world.Planets plural, rather, because the central conceit of this novel is some sort of mumbo jumbo about criminals from the technologically advanced world of Toussaint being banished to its alternate dimension analogue Ne [...]

  9. Margaret says:
    Midnight Robber is a Caribbean, carnival, multi dimensional travel, space science fiction novel that deals with abuse, rape, marginalization, colonization, and othering Seem like a lot It really is A young Tan Tan pretends she s the Robber Queen a carnival rogue on a planet colonized by Caribbean immigrants But when her father the mayor gets in trouble with the law, both of them are forced into exile on a multidimensional ship that takes them to place very different than the one Tan Tan knows.So [...]

  10. Lila says:
    It would take a favourite writer like Nalo Hopkinson to get me to read and actually enjoy science fiction There is a first time for everything It helps when the planet resembles Jamaica and everyone there speaks in creole

  11. Althea Ann says:
    I keep hearing great things about Nalo Hopkinson, and I keep being underwhelmed.I m upping this to three stars because I felt it was a lot better than Brown Girl in the Ring, which I gave two But I still didn t love it However, the language and use of dialect here felt much smoother there was a polished, professional feel to this book A young girl Tan Tan, lives on a planet colonized by Caribbean immigrants People live in luxury, with technology to take care of all manual labor The peace is enf [...]

  12. Megan Baxter says:
    Which is a long way to go to come to Nalo Hopkinson s Midnight Robber It s the second of her books I ve read, and feels like a later book, in that while I enjoyed Brown Girl in the Ring, this feels stronger, defined It keeps what I liked and develops her style further And specifically, it gives me a very rare SF glimpse into the worlds that could be imagined when you don t have a white person in sight and why wouldn t I want to see what Hopkinson would do with that I like being a little out of [...]

  13. Tom Whalley says:
    This book is so weird to recommend.On the one hand, this is Caribbean Scifi I haven t read a book with language like this, ever It s got a world built off interstellar settlers who come from Caribbean roots, and the language you d imagine In that regard, it s highly inventive Reading a full novel in patwah is an amazing experience reading one that involves interdimensional shifts, robotic nannies, and tree dwelling bird people is something else entirely.On the other hand, although I can t think [...]

  14. Kirstine says:
    At first this book was everything I d expected It was a brilliant, fantastical blend of science fiction, magic and a Caribbean atmosphere It had carnivals, costumes, streets full of laughter, dancing as the planet of Toussaint celebrate a festival And it s all in a society so advanced that everyone has an AI built into their brain, and all work has been taken over by robots it s a world of complete inter connectivity and leisure for some At the heart of it is the young girl Tan Tan and her paren [...]

  15. Arturo says:
    El libro no comienza mal pero luego a la autora se le va mucho la olla y no lo entiendo Sab a que esta novela iba a ser rara pero es que lo que me he encontrado es mucho peor de lo que me hab a imaginado Admito que tiene ideas buenas pero me ha dado la impresi n de que no ha sabido desarrollarlas bien No s , esta lectura me ha dejado bastante fr o por su trama y tambi n por la mayor a de sus personajes

  16. lauraღ says:
    Probably one of the most important books I ll ever read I love science fiction as a genre because it s a way to escape, and this story did that for me while making me feel closer to home, than ever I think I also just read this at the very right time that I needed to Another time all the beat down Tan Tan get beat down might have sour me too much to enjoy it properly, but by the end of the book, I couldn t vex I just felt strong, and good It feels good to have so many familiar things captured i [...]

  17. Rocktopus says:
    Like everyone else said, Hopkinson s world building is great I love that her world building is used as a political discussion From the start, when Granny Nanny s nano level networked super surveillance world is described via Antonio s pedicab ride, I had hoped that Tan tan would escape Toussaint And when she does, I certainly didn t like how the society in Half way Tree Toussaint s literal alternative plays out Hopkinson brings up a whole new set of social problems questions when Tan tan leaves [...]

  18. Sarah Anne says:
    This book is difficult to rate It was on the dark side and bit difficult to stomach at times There is a definite potential for trigger related issues, which I m going to put in a spoiler real quick view spoiler Sexual abuse, rape, consequences of both, flashbacks, and what I think was dissociation hide spoiler It s also a very odd book and I started to get frustrated because I was enduring all of this terrible stuff and it really didn t seem to have a point Until the end, and the end had tears i [...]

  19. Christy says:
    Nalo Hopkinson s Midnight Robber is science fiction that doesn t feel like science fiction It is steeped in science fiction traditions, as the narrative takes place in a future where humans live on and have colonized a different planet Toussaint , rely heavily on nanotechnology, and have the use of transdimensional and space travel technologies even when the highly technologized world of Toussaint is abandoned for New Half Way Tree, a primitive and less technologically advanced version of Touss [...]

  20. Parallel Worlds says:
    Intended Audience AdultSexual content ExplicitAce Genderqueer characters Yes A.I Rating R for sexual violence, language, and other violenceWriting style 4 5Likable characters 4 5Plot Concepts 4 5Tan Tan, daughter of Antonio, the mayor of Cockpit County, lived a fairly pampered life That is, until her parents games of infidelity went too far and Antonio was banished for cheating in a duel with his wife s illicit lover At first she was glad he d come back to take her with him on this new adventure [...]

  21. Jay Shelat says:
    The final hundred pages of Hopkinson s novel are exceptional Overall, The Midnight Robber is an engrossing and rewarding novel about persistence The many instances of science fiction and traditional Caribbean culture stand out and serve as a testament to Hopkinson s command of language and narrative.

  22. Melanti says:
    A decent book, but it had a couple of flaws and didn t quite work for me.The first one was that I found it really difficult to believe that Tan Tan would be so unable unwilling to try new things during her second exile even after she d proved easy to adapt to her first one.The second was that some of the time skips didn t make much sense a couple of years would go by and it would feel like nothing changed or only a month would go by and it would be written about as if it were years The third Tan [...]

  23. Sara says:
    This book started out promising I was immediately captivated by the dialect and the old and familiar yet simultaneously futuristic world a post colonial Caribbean setting with artificial intelligence and far reaching neural net technology Then the novel becomes another story entirely, and the set up that I had found myself invested and interested in fell away with no resolution whatsoever for what had seemed an intriguing plot thread a plot and conspiracy between the mayor and the pedicab driver [...]

  24. James Eckman says:
    Parts of this book deals with child abuse and rape.This book was a tough read for me, for a vast majority of the book the protagonist Tan Tan is a victim of a horrible father, stepmother and circumstance This book appears on feminist book lists, but for this book I would say feminist in lower case, the only overtly patriarchal institution raked lightly over the coals a bloody rare roast was that of males fighting over the honor of their women As for the rest, the parents of Tan Tan are considere [...]

  25. EL says:
    Read for 50books_poc, checked out from school library.Pros I adored Tan Tan The worldbuildling was fantastic The entire book was written in Caribbean dialect, and it worked incredibly well I loved just about everything about the future space Caribbean Overall, it was a joy to read I can t recommend it enough.Cons I loved this book It d be 5 5, but I absolutely hate stories about child abuse and incest in which the abusee gets pregnant and, at the end, has a miraculously healing birth I don t buy [...]

  26. Meghan Fidler says:
    In Midnight Robber, Nalo Hobkinson creates a three vibrant worlds a human society, an alien world, and a world of story The first maintains law and order through a web based panopticon complete with nanny bots and in brain lines to the web The alien world is a prison colony, where humans mistreat one another just as they mistreat the Douen natives The third world, that of myths, stories, and gossip, exists between these two, and Hopkinson uses these to intricately weave one plane of existence in [...]

  27. Joanna says:
    Lots of points for originality which trumped, for me, the harsh tale Trigger warning for domestic sexual assault survivors This is a very sci fi setting, but chock full of what I believe to be French Caribbean culture The main narrator and most of the characters speak in dialect It makes me glad that I started with an audiobook My ears are always faster at understanding dialect than my eyes, until I get used to it Really nifty example of how narrow my idea of sci fi gets, and how broad it really [...]

  28. Skander says:
    Thoroughly enjoyed, even through the icky bits Extremely imaginative, the use of anglopatoi wasn t annoying and actually really added to the story A very human and interesting bit of speculative fiction Many unresolved threads, but they make fertile ground for the reader s imagination.

  29. Viv JM says:
    Amazing world building, interesting blend of science fiction and mythology, and a powerful tale of survival I loved this book I would especially recommend the audio version, narrated by Robin Miles it really helped with the Creole patois that this is written in.

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