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Marshmallow Magic And The Wild Rose Rouge

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  • Marshmallow Magic And The Wild Rose Rouge Best Read || [Karen McCombie]
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  1. Karen McCombie says:
    Karen McCombie is a bestselling author of children and young adult novels, and has had than 80 books published Originally from Scotland, she lives in London with her husband Tom, their 15 year old daughter Milly and a beautiful but bitey cat called Dizzy She is the author of the much loved series Ally s World , and her most recent books include St Grizzle s School For Girls, Goats and Random Boys 2017 for younger readers and novels Catching Falling Stars 2015 , The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall 2016 and The Pearl in the Attic 2017 for older readers She has several books publishing throughout 2018.

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  1. Alex says:
    This was my favorite book, when I was 10 12 years old It s a mixture of a girl s fantasy and reality It has a common topic A girl has been bullied very critcally in a couple of years and no one believes her Finally she moves to a new school, where she gets a lot of new friend One day her old bully moves to her school Will the bully happen all over again This girl, Lemmie, has a lot of rituals every day, that almost control her life.The book is written very weird and funny

  2. Twyla says:
    my favorite part was when Lemmie eventually admitted that Rose Rouge wasn t actually real My least favorite part was when Lemmie was getting bullied

  3. Jaderade1127 says:
    This was pretty good, I guess Honestly, I just read it because we had to read something in class and this was the only book that looked even remotely interesting that was in our classroom s book selection It was a bit too simple for me, and I found the storyline kept jumping around and I got really confused I think the main character is a little bit insane, and obnoxious and annoying, so the characters definitely need work the text was very simple, choppy in my opinion I never did finish the who [...]

  4. Monique Dias says:
    It was the first book I brought by my own and with my own money, when I was around 10 years old By that time my dad was with cancer, and this book made my totally hopeful and made me even faithful on my own way , that my dad would go through all of it all fine, and by the same time I was being bullying in school Follow all the magical steps that I remember til today, still make me laugh and forget a little bit of the awkwardness that we find sometimes wherever we live or work Today dad is fine, [...]

  5. Nilo says:
    Ah, I adore this book It was one of my first YA novels, and I was blown away during the course of the story, particularly in the ending It was fantastic McCombie weaves the readers through the lonely, solitary grove of the youthful female soul with a big faith and even bigger dreams This book was so beautifult only does it link me with my old middle school bestie, who gave it to me first, but it brought about a shimmer of imagination and hope as a I empathized and fell into the flow of the chara [...]

  6. Rose Dawson says:
    Jedin kn ka od McCombie,kter nem pokra ov n.A jako jedna z m ch obl ben ch autorek jsem si cht la p e st i samostatnou knihu.Kn ka sice nebyla tak asn jako Alice nebo Stella.Ale byla jen tro i ku slab Laurel mi byla sympatick m la svou hlavu a byla sn lek.Nakonec m i p ekvapila jej sestra R a,o kter jsem si myslela view spoiler SPOILER , e je skute n.Z ejm n s nap lila v echny hide spoiler Ale ano kn ka se mi l bila.

  7. Boo says:
    This is the sort of book you d want Wes Anderson to make a film out of Lovely, funny and with an emotional punch.For Fans of Wes Anderson movies, interesting plot twists, a good bookWhats Next The Dangerous Angels series, Emily Windsnap series

  8. Nubia says:
    I think it s a very intriguing book I never could have thought that Rose Rouge wasn t real.

  9. Regitze says:
    A book that touched me mostly because I could relate very well to the main character and her problems with bullying, but not one of my all time favourites.

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